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  1. 12/24-12/30: Snow climbs

    There's a sweet looking ridge climb on Church Mtn (off US 542/Mt Baker Hwy) that looks really fun too if anyone would want to join up. Weather and snow conditions are starting to look pretty good too!
  2. dear god anything...

    Would any of ya'll be interested in a snow climb this upcoming week? I'll be free until the December 30th, and looking for a partner or 2. I was thinking something along the lines of Winchester, Church, Sahale, or ?, I'm open to your suggestions too. Let me know!
  3. 12/24-12/30: Snow climbs

    I've got winter break from grad-school and am interested in getting out for a little climbing in the snow, and was thinking of something along the lines of Winchester Mtn (off the Mt Baker Highway), but i'm also open to your suggestions as well. I'm in pretty good shape, and don't mind breaking trail most of the way. I've got lots of winter gear and a lightweight 4-season tent if case camping happens. Let me know! -Aaron
  4. Switzerland July 5th-16th

    I'll be in Lausanne for a work conference, and looking for some partners to get out and do some climbing. I'll be free all the above days except the 9th and 12th. I'll have a train pass and would be stoked to meet up within reasonable distances, hoping to stick to mostly mountaineering routes without a ton of technical roped-up rock climbing, mountains involving mostly snow climbing would be where i'm most experienced and would be ideal! PM or email me at apatz01 "at" gmail "dot" com Thanks!
  5. Partners wanted: Sept 12-16

    I'll be back in the bellingham area for sept 12-16th and am really hoping to do some climbing!! Anyone interested/available on any of these days? I've got transportation and gear, just looking for a partner!
  6. Hey, so i have 1 day left before i go back to school, and am hoping to spend it climbing. I could really use some suggestions on a place to go that can be done in 1 day (i'm pretty fit), and that also isn't highly technical (i'm going with someone that is really experienced, but i'm not quite there yet). Oh ya, and I forgot my rock climbing shoes at school so a snow climb would be best! Maybe something like Eldorado? Thanks! Aaron
  7. I was just hoping to find a partner to get out and climb some mountains with. A couple of mountains i'm considering are Baker, Shuksan, Eldorado, Maude, although i'd definitely consider other peaks, i just really want to get out!! I've got transportation and lots of gear. Let me know!
  8. July 13,14,15

    Hey i'd be down for the 13th. Alpine is good with me, what peaks you thinking of?
  9. Glacier Peak July 8-12

    I'm free the 11th-13 so if that works for you then i'd definitely be down!
  10. Weekend alpine partners

    Pm sent
  11. Rainier/Baker/Hood July 7th to July 14th

    I'm down for doing Baker and maybe raineer/hood! Which routes?