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  1. FF confirmed the only difference is the amount of loft. I am selling my WM Antelope and ordered the Widgeon because I want the waterproof shell. Why did you sell yours?
  2. I have a WM Antelope bag and even in the long length I don't have room to put water bottles and stuff at the foot of the bag. My feet touch the bottom, which is strange because I'm only 6'2". I found that Feathered Friends bags are longer. I like the hood of the WM bag better, but fitting my gear in takes priority. Does anyone have a Snowbunting or Widgeon? Is the only difference between these 2 bags down fill weight? Is tuck/stitch baffling important? My Antelope has overfill with a fill weight approx the same as the Widgeon, so I am leaning that direction. Use is winter and mountaineering lower 48. Thanks
  3. Thank very much for the thoughtful reply. I guess I should have stated what I use the jackets for. Mountaineering/14ers. 4 season, and ice climbing. The Volant is one of my favorite pieces of gear, but there are a few things that bug me about it. 1- it is a little too short in the torso-I frequently have to pull it down, and 2- I wish there was a pocket or 2 for me to stick water bottles in. If you stick a nalgene in a Volant and start moving it will fall out the bottom since it has no drawcord hem. Also my XL Volant was a bit on the snug side with multiple layers underneath. I called and talked to Feathered Freinds and they told me that though the sizing chart makes the size dimensions look the same for the Volant and Frontpoint, that the Frontpoint was cut roomier in reality. He also told me to size up one on the Helios. I ended up ordering the Frontpoint in XL and the Hooded Helios in XXL, and I say a bittersweet goodbye to my XL Volant-it is on eBay.
  4. yes. you seal the seals adn it is completely waterproof. (as long as you use the lid)
  5. Dude you will love this pack. I have used it extensively for 2-3 days in the backcountry, and collapsed it down for a summitpack. It is rad. If you can afford it, get the W/NWD it is worth the stupid price for the durability and being waterproof (plus it looks badass). I have a 30L in W/NWD and I wish my 45L was in the same fabric
  6. Someone help me make a case. Partially I want a new parka, but also, I've been a bit cold on the last 2 trips and I'm wondering if I should change my parka quiver. I have a 7 year old Volant that I absolutely love, but I am thinking about selling it and buying a Helios with no hood for milder stuff, and a Frontpoint for high-altitude/winter. Has anyone worn both? How much warmer is the Frontpoint than that Volant? Thanks!
  7. I have the 30L W/NWD and a 45L in regular fabric. I love both. I've climbed with the 45L as a summitpack on multiday trips. I'm 6'2 and got the long shoulder straps. I debated for a long time before shelling out cash for the dynemma, but it was the right choice, that shit is burly and waterproof. its really nice.
  8. Title says it all, looking for Feathered Friends Jacket in XL. Preferably Helios, but also looking for huge parka. What have you got? con(NOSPAM)nollyck@gmail.com
  9. http://snowslog.blogspot.com/2014/12/mt.html?spref=fb
  10. Just something I started doing when I was bored and unemployed last year. Now that I have a job I don't have that much time, but I add trip reports as they come. Most recent was Mt. Whitney Mountaineer's Route... http://snowslog.blogspot.com/
  11. Thanks for the advice. I ordered Petzl Sarkens and Grivel G22s. I will keep the one that fits the best
  12. I'm trying tog figure out if the G12 or G14 will work on my size 48 Evo Nepals. Do the crampons come with extender bars? I'm looking to place old worn out BD saber tooth pros (which I love). I ready there were some problems with the new stainless horizontal front points. I mainly climb couloirs, glaciers, light mixed and roadside ice cragging. Any suggestions for my huge feet?
  13. You would have to make up a little of cash probably. I'm only looking for FF or WM bags. Thanks. snow.slog@gmail.com
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