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  1. Check out http://support.nwac.us/nsaw/ “Nick Bond, JISAO, Principal Research Scientist Outlook for the Winter of 2019-20 in the Pacific NW - Even a Blind Squirrel Sometimes Finds a Nut”
  2. Hit the entire upper passages with some NSS folks last weekend. Lots of time on-rope; sketchy little lead; couple unique solutions to access attic passages; eight hours in-cave. Lessons learned: need caving harness and more ropes. P.S. Cavers are wierd 😎
  3. I tried the cubes on and they do fit like a glove. In wanting to stick with the leather I opted for the Trango Alps. Just received them yesterday and I can tell you the fit is almost identical to the cube. Pretty psyched about getting my climb on now!
  4. I think the Triolet fit well because I always wore thick socks and good arch support. This kept them snug until age and use stretched the leather enough to losen the width. Now my toes are impacting the toe box on descents. La Sportive have always fit a little tight until broken in so my fit must be right in the middle of the two... if that makes any sense.
  5. I hit US Outdoor, Climbmax, OMC, and Mountain Shop and OMC was the only on to carry the Alp but not in my size. I tried a Triolet against the Cube and they both fit well, but the La Sportiva fit was way better for me so I'll go for the Trango Alp Evo. Next question is do you know of any good online resources I might find some deals?
  6. Here's some shots from last Sunday (June 12, 2016).
  7. My Scarpas have seen their last climb at 10 years. I'm sold on this level of 3 season boot and see La Sportiva now has a comparable boot. La Sportiva has always fit me well due to my narrow feet, but the Triolet (plural?) fit well too. I'm on the fence about going with what I know - a new pair of Triolet or picking up the Trango Alp. Is anyone out there wearing the Trangos? Pros/Cons?
  8. Went back there this last Sunday to show a friend the upper section. The entrance was buggered up with swarms of bees, hornets and wasps trying to cool off. Have you seen a Bald Faced Hornet destroy a Yellow Jacket? We turn around and grabbed some IPA instead.
  9. I feel your pain. Had many a battle with the oak working as a land surveyor. Regular routine was stripping down in the garage, throwing all clothes directly in the wash and showering cold with Tecnu. Followed up with a complete wash of boots, vest, compass, machete, steering wheel... Usually the wife wouldn't come near me for the first 48... Tecnu was the key
  10. I know of the secret map you speak of sir. No one has made the Firecracker - Dynamited connection yet, that I know of. I think they overlap, but that's it... unless you want to dig at it, but that just makes it fester. Now I haven't done this yet and am not certain as to the exact location, but I think its the natural bridge in the Big Room. You anchor rope on the south high point of the Big Room and throw it over the natural bridge, then climb the rope hanging on the other side to to Big Room Overlook. You free in Feb.? P.S. or it could be the Ballroom, but same method. Have to see it to be sure...
  11. Cool. I've been thinking about the old Dynamited Cave. Maybe shoe up and camp over MLK weekend... I haven't seen the sand castle tube yet. You know the trick about accessing the upper tubes don't you?
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