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  1. vasque ice 9000

    I didn't have that experience with mine. It may be because it is a heat-moldable liner, and can shrink a little during molding. But that big a difference makes me wonder if the liner is the correct size for the shell.
  2. Platypus bladders

    I had one with the quick-release hose connection. Biggest POS I have ever owned! Constantly either leaking or coming undone while snowboarding.
  3. need avy gear advice

    I've seen a Voile shovel fail at the same joint and had a Life-Link fail at the same joint. All from improper usage. Just my $0.02 Not sure what the improper usage is that you are referring to, but I have put my Voile through the exact same usage as the BCA's without the slightest hint of failing, but it is a T6 blade
  4. Leather 4-season mid-range boots

    Here's another option to consider, AKU Spider GTX. Haven't used them personally, but I bet the folks at AMH can give you some first-hand knowledge.
  5. need avy gear advice

    I've had 2 BCA Traverse shovels fail, and have a partner that has had 1 fail. All failures were at the junction of the blade with the hosel (not sure if that's the correct term, but we'll borrow it from the golfing world. I have found the Voile shovels to be da shit, especially the T6 blade. Just my $0.02
  6. Tahoe Suggestions?

    Since I am a boarder, I despise Heavenly...too much paddling. If you are going to hit the slopes on a weekend and want to avoid the crowds I highly recommend Homewood. Nice terrain, usually no lift lines, good tree skiing, always some untracked snow somewhere, and the most sheltered on windy days. If you want the best skiing/boarding in Tahoe drive a little bit south to Kirkwood, where they always have the most snow. U could also get in some XC in the Round Top area to the East of Kirkwood. I would avoid Mt. Rose unless it is a primo powder day, then hit it for sure and check out a double black area called "The Chutes". Diamond Peak is a little small. Northstar is a great family resort, but there is always a shitload of people. Sugar Bowl is nice, but if you are going to drive that far from the lake head to Kirkwood.
  7. La Sportive Spantiks

    FWIW I could have easily gone without overboots on Denali with the ICE 9000s.
  8. La Sport Spantik or Vasque Ice 9000??

    I definitely found the ICE 9000/Super Alpinista to be far more comfortable for my moderately wide hooves than the Lhotse/Nuptse that I had tried previously. However, the ICE 9000 are generally bulkier than any LaSportiva boot, but a likely necessity to handle a wider foot. My $0.02
  9. Mt. shasta in December

    My personal advice would be to develop your skillz during spring/early summer mountaineering trips first and foremost. Then pursue an avalanche training course to gain the ability to evaluate different snowpack conditions, in order to accurately assess the risk of winter climbing. Once you have all those skills, and ideally proficiency using avy beacons and avy rescue, then you can begin to consider winter ascents on peaks above 14K. This may be more conservative than most, but it is the approach I am comfortable with personally. Just my $0.02
  10. Nemo Tenshi?

    Used one on N-side of Shasta last May. Performed very well and handled sustained wind gusts of 40+ just fine. Didn't use the condensation cloth, but wouldn't have needed it anyway. As mentioned lots of guy-out points. My partner likes it so well he will likely sell his MH Annapurna and stick solely with this tent. My $0.02
  11. Mt. shasta in December

    Shasta in the winter is no place to be learning skillz
  12. Lightweight boot alternatives for alpine?

    Scarpa Triolet have treated me very well thus far, no complaints!
  13. Dragging Tire

    Lots of time on the hip sled in the gym!
  14. [TR] Mt. Jefferson - Jefferson Park Glacier 6/27/2007

    Congrats, nice work!
  15. To Plastic or Not

    I have the same thing Only used them a handful of times, but my feet stayed plenty dry. Were comfortable, and reasonable for hiking/approaching. That said, I'd only use them in winter, or maybe on Rainier. I have a pair of La Sportiva Glaciers that I pull out for moderate summer snow stuff and backpacking (baker, shuksan, sahale, that kind of stuff). Have been very pleased with those to. I love my SAs. Use them for a winter boot in the Sierra, backcountry boarding, and 14K volcanoes.
  16. To Plastic or Not

    I have the Scarpa Triolet, and love them. They are a great summer/late spring mountaineering boot. Really excel on destinations with long approaches. Really like the fact that they are full leather bottoms, hopefully will be a little more durable in abrasive scrambles. Definitely not cut out for winter or early spring, as they tend to be a little cold. Very good for mixed stuff, and where dexterity is at a premium. I guess if your feet run warm they may work on some spring routes, but I would still be hesitant to go above 12K in them unless warmer temps are assured. Just my $0.02

    Ditto the MH Subzero SL, but I opted for the hooded parka for a little extra length.
  18. favorite, least favorite items brought to Denali?

    Black trash bags...fill them with snow and allow to consolidate/begin melting to speed all your water making.
  19. Must Have Denali Gear

    BD Mercury Mitts worked great on summit day. Like mine so much I replaced them immediately after they were stolen from my truck.
  20. Must Have Denali Gear

    I completely disagree. Two of the three members of our rope team used a rigid connection, and the third wishes he would have. Because he had so many problems with his sled he was forced to leave it at 11, while the two rigid sleds easily traveled and tracked to and from 14. Check out the hardware from Skipulk.com, I will never tow another sled without this setup.
  21. Wanted: Sell your used Denali gear to me!

    I'll second the recommendation of VB for your feet. As for the ICE 9000s, I could have used them without overboots last year. Not sure when you are planning, but went June 1-19th last year and a -20 was cozy for me, but I sleep a little on the warm side. Two of our 3-man rope team used a rigid sled setup, see skipulk.com, and the third really wished he would have chosen this setup.
  22. Leather Mountaineering Boots?

    Scarpa Triolet are light, and leather to the ankle. Not overly warm, so if you see hours of kicking steps for several hours you may want something else. Perform very well on rock.
  23. 4 season tent

    Nemo Tenshi for a 2-person team