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  1. Wondering if anyone has been up on Jefferson recently? Curious about the summit pinnacle and the traverse. Thanks
  2. I love my MH Torch/Dragon, but it hasn't left my closet after buying a deadbird Squamish hoody. Used my Torch on WestButt and was very happy with it + Mammut Champ pants with an UL hardshell top/bottom in the bottom of my pack the whole trip.
  3. We still had an appetite for M&Ms even at the end of the trip. The varieties really help. And I've yet to ever eat a single Butterfinger after our trip, and likely never will.
  4. Have 3 packs, all can carry both A-frame and vertical when solid. Deuter Freeride Pro 30, Deuter Glide 35+, and Deuter Guide 45+. The Guide is an older model, I'm not sure the new design allows for vertical carry. But looks like the Deuter Rise series are analogous to my older Guide and Glide packs. At some point I'll pull the trigger on a Deuter On Top Tour airbag pack.
  5. I've got a white and olive colored Patagonia sun hoodies that I use in the backcountry and when I was consulting at Owens Lake (high desert). Probably my favorite piece(s) of gear after my Squamish wind hoody. Don't know if they still make them.
  6. Wondering how the Garmont Tower boot series perform with respect to durability? Not overly happy with the longevity of my most recent pair of Scarpa Triolet, and considering trying something new vs. having them resoled. Have been very happy thus far with their Dragontail approach shoes, they've handled volcano choss like a champ. Specifically looking at Tower Plus LX GTX. TIA
  7. How do they compare in terms of warmth vs. say Spantik/Baruntse/Nepal Evo? TIA
  8. Traverse was dry on Sat (9/10), still some snow/ice on the left side of the Bowling Alley.
  9. Bump for conditions beta, anyone been there recently? TIA
  10. Based on the advice of a very experienced friend we choose to travel in the evening/early AM hours. Far less people, cooler temps (we started 6/1). Less slop/mush on the lower glacier. To each their own, but if I go back, I'd follow that approach again.
  11. On my second pair of Triolets. Got ~150 days on the first pair with one resole. LOVE them. Can't comment on the LaS, a bit narrow for my foot type.
  12. After back surgery, I'm forced to off load some packs that have hip belts with padding in areas that put pressure on my incision area. I've been very happy with both packs, just find myself forced to opt for a design that has a channel rather than padding in the lumbosacral area. Buyer pays shipping from Sacramento area, or pickup in Northern California is a possibility depending on area/timing. Shoot me a PM if interested Gregory Alpinisto 50L, gold, size Medium, in good shape, some char stains from the Pole Creek area near North Sister, one small hole puncture on the bottom repaired. $90 OBO Alpinisto 1 Alpinisto 2 Alpinisto repair Mountainsmith Phoenix 70L, green, good condition with no stains, hauls monster loads with ease, A-frame carry or vertical snow/splitboard carry, huge expansion collar, two abrasion areas on lid repaired, great expedition pack or for extended backpacking or humping the little ones gear. $70 OBO Phoenix Phoenix repair
  13. Checking in, shredding for 10 years, splitting for 8. Mostly around Tahoe, but a few Sierra 14ers, and some Norcal volcanoes. Trying to relocate to Portland, so hopefully more volcanoes in my future.
  14. I didn't think it was excessive. When I became symptomatic with HACE on summit day, while we had our own meds and got down without assistance, I was quite happy to have the expertise and consultation of the rangers and medical team. Do I wish it was cheaper, sure, but the cost won't be what would prevent another trip. YMMV
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