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  1. wow! you guys never cease to amaze with these marathon trips! (do y'all really hate carrying a tent and sleeping bag that much? ...just kidding) Ryan, hope your arm heals up quickly.
  2. well at least you're being honest ...i wouldn't expect a 'reward' for swiping someone's stashed equipment while they were on a climb.
  3. thanks! guess i'm packing the sneakers for a bit of road walking
  4. did you need a high-clearance vehicle to get over the Scatter Creek water crossing on the road? Just wondering if a regular ol' car can make it to the trailhead right now. thanks.
  5. i really don't want this to be true.... is this the Lee F Adams who's helped out with the Washington Alpine Club for years? damnit...this sucks
  6. approx 34 miles, 9000-10,000ft of total gain/loss. nice job on the one-day jaunt! i think we might've seen y'all sunday afternoon...we were skiing out across the whitechuck basin and saw some folks moving along pretty fast with sneakers. nice weather that weekend and running water at glacier gap let us go rather light on the camping gear and made a 2-day trip carrying ski gear pretty reasonable.
  7. damn dude, are you trying to ski the entire Washington Cascades crest in one season? its been amazing reading your trip reports this season....nice job banging out so many big traverses in such a short span.
  8. Hadley Peak and the Coleman Pinnacle vicinity (both north of Mt.Baker) hold relatively smooth snow through the entire summer when there's been a good winter snowpack. Spray Park/Flett glaciers/Russell glacier (north side of Rainier, Mowich Lake TH) also are good places to look for late summer skiing.
  9. If anyone has been up to Eldorado recently (within the past week) and has pictures of the north side of Forbidden and Moraine Lake, please send me a PM...I'd greatly appreciate taking a look at the pics...I'm wondering how much snow is left on the descent from the Forbidden glacier to Moraine Lake. thanks!
  10. how was the parking situation at rainy pass? enough room to safely leave a car there overnight?
  11. fyi, this is second hand info, but I know some folks climbed the Adams glacier over memorial day weekend and rather than starting from Killen Creek, they drove north on Rd 23 from Trout Lake as close to Adams as they coudl get then hiked cross-country (relatively open forest, no bushwacking) to treeline on the north side of Adams...they wrote that it added an extra mile or mile and a half to the usual killen creek approach. please post a TR if ya go...I'm hoping to head in there later this month.
  12. doubletall, assuming you did the climb as a day trip? what time did you start up from morrison creek? thanks.
  13. just curious...have you done any climbing/skiing on Baird Peak or Shakespeare Shoulder nearby? my girlfriend and I will be up in AK on Saturday for a couple weeks of roadtripping and monkeying around on some of the more accessible ski terrain, and I was thinking it would be fun to try something in the vicinity of Whittier/Portage.
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