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  1. Mystery Ranch (Dana Gleason) Packs?

    Thanks for the info guys and awesome link. Hadn't seen their site in awhile. I'm leaning toward the G7000 overkill version. The old Dana Design packs (pre-Marmot)were heavier than most but carried brutal weight way more comfortably than most. I like the external Wag Bag tubes that keep the stuff separated from my Bagel Sandwiches. The updated Mystery Ranch versions look like they hold that same theory....don't count ounces when choosing a backpack. I never separate the sleeping bag compartment or use the side access zips. Maybe I could have them custom make one with out those bells whistles and lose a few ozs...A bonus that they are made in Bozman again.
  2. I need an overkill pack for Denali. I sold my Dana Astralplane awhile ago. Anyone have experience with MR packs nowdays? Comfort etc? Any drawbacks? Better choices?
  3. Sleeping bags...???

    Marmot Helium is really good for the money for a mass produced 15F bag. superlight, awesome loft, compressable smaller than a loaf of bread, fat draft tube, and good hood. They also make a less expensive, heavier, less down fill model called "Sawtooth" with same temp rating that totally sucks in comparison.
  4. Parkas for Denali?

    Feathered Friends
  5. Leki Ski Poles

    Owned 3 pair of Lekis and now BDs. Will not go back. The BD "Flicklock" is bombproof, does not slip and is super fast to adjust. The Lekis are a bitch in cold weather to loosen or tighten.
  6. which guide service?

    I went with Alpine Ascents last May (and other trips with them before that) and would highly recommend them. I think the individual guides are as important as the companies themselves...luckily I always had good guides with them.
  7. Dragging Tire

    Thanks guys. Much appreciated. Justin, I'm glad I clicked the pic you attached because it has some killer great info on endurance training that it linked to. Aloha!
  8. Dragging Tire

    Has anybody dragged a car/truck tire connected to their harness to endurance train? I made it to Motorcycle Hill on Denali this past May and turned around for a couple of reasons...But... I plan on trying again in a year or two but do not want to suffer like I did with 140lbs of combined pack and sled weight on the first day when carrying a full load. I did the recommended training(heavy pack etc on steep hills etc.)but the sled worked over some muscles that I had not in training. Any other methods to accomplish the goal?
  9. Must Have Denali Gear

    Anybody have an opinion on the best softshell pant for Denali in early May? Do I still need a hardshell if the wind is blowing hard? Looks like some brands are not using Schoeller anymore.
  10. Must Have Denali Gear

    I want to try rigid stays instead of rope on the sleds next time. Does anybody have any experience/opinions on this? Oh...Cholula Hot Sauce :-)
  11. favorite, least favorite items brought to Denali?

    Favorite items: -ipod (flash drive) -Solio solar charger -Zoroishi Thermos -personal Sit pad for Posh/Megamid Tent -foot powder Least Favorite: Rental 800 Down Parka with snap on hood (snaps came off ALL the time and had air gaps (bite the bullet and buy one).
  12. favorite, least favorite items brought to Denali?

    Just got back from D this week. Solio solar charger is my new toy and worked great.