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  1. Honesty is the best policy in my ability. Used to lead easy 5.10 trad up here in Squish but that was 3 years ago. Just getting back into it now due to many reasons and like to do a trip down South for 2 weeks or so starting around mid-April. Looking into just doing alot of climbing and having a good time. I was thinking Red Rocks since taking a flight would save alot of time and therefore more climbing . But I am open to any suggestions. I have rope, lead gear, car (if needed) and anxious to get out. Email me if you have any plans.
  2. With the current cold spell I'm hoping that good ice can be found in Squamish/Whistler corrider and can go this Th Dec 18. I am very new to the sport as I have only a couple days on the Baker Seracs over the last two years and haven't done it since last fall. But I'm very eager and have no problem just belaying someone just to observe. So if you want to go on Thursday and don't mind taking a rookie out, pls let me know via email gotnoname at g mail dot com. I have transport, if the roads are clear, harness, crampons. I don't have tools but I can borrow from friends. I don't have a suitable rope or screws. I reside in Vancouver and can only do daytrips at the moment. If you can't go this Th pls keep me in mind if your heading out and need a partner.
  3. joshua tree 12-18 to 1-4

    pm sent
  4. dec climbing trip

    So got permission from my boss to take 5-7 days off during the Xmas period. Suggestions for a rock-climbing or ice-climbing trip during this time of the year? I'm in Van BC
  5. LS nuptse sizing

    Farrgo, what's the issue with Intuition liners and Nuptses? If I was to use the Nuptse for higher altitudes should I be going a half size or 1 size larger?
  6. LS nuptse sizing

    I'm thinking about purchasing the Nuptse online since they don't sell them locally and would like to get the sizing bang on . I weara LS Nepal EVO GTX 42.5 or a 43 if I want to add a little more space in front for a thicker sock or heavier insole. Should I be considering the same sizing for the Nuptse? If it makes a difference, I'm considering getting the Intuition Liners for the Nuptses
  7. thanks for posting the site to the pics. Just curious, generally for someone who's new to the game, cornice means no go . How do you assess the situation and say the cornice looks solid enough for me to burrow a hole through it!
  8. ice tools for alpine

    just going over the posts again and was wandering if there's any significant difference btwn the old and new cobras that makes one model better than the other for alpine? Any opinions on the Taa-k-oons?
  9. ice tools for alpine

    thanks everyone for the response.
  10. ice tools for alpine

    is it essential that the shaft is straight when considering tools for the alpine so that you can use them to plunge? Also, would a rubber grip and a grip rest be a concern? When I say grip rest I'm referring to the hooks you see at the end of the shafts of some tools. When I say alpine tools I'm looking at doing stuff like Slalok, Matier (NE Face), Joffre - twisting couloir, Andromeda etc. Nothing extremly difficult right now but hopefully I'll have tools I can grow into when my technical abilities improve and I can tackle more difficult alpine routes.
  11. ice tools for alpine

    So what's your favourite tools for alpine stuff and why?
  12. WTB: La Sportiva TRANGO S EVO GTX

    pu, PM'd you
  13. I looked at Vasque's site and these boots are no longer available. have they replaced it with someting else? And if so has anyone have an opinion on them. i emailed vasque but just wanted to see if anyone else has opinions.
  14. best of cc.com Carbon Neutral Denali Climb May 2008

    Zoran, Just reading your bio on your webiste....I think your missing in your list of favourite local climbs: 1. Grouse Grind 2. Ski touring up Mt Vantage, forgetting about ascending peak after getting drunk on cheap cognac.