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  1. Hahaha nice, well you outa come on out. Cheap beer, good climbing, great people... A guy couldn't ask for more!
  2. At the end of asphalt tucked away amongst the foothills of the Himalayas exists a destination for the truly adventurous climber. Towering far above the pine and rhododendron forests are the 200 meter sandstone walls of Liming National Park. The car loaded, cams oiled, and the dog only to be out done in drooling by us gawking climbers, its been no more than a year ago we first stepped foot in Liming. Filled with ecstasy at the thought of hundreds of first ascents, our hopes were quickly dashed as we were greeted by a park official at the gate curious as to our intentions during our stay. Maybe it was the two bursting duffels bug covered and strapped to the roof of our car or that smell of gore-tex, cigarettes, and beer that gave us away. Perhaps we’ll never truly know, but that simple innocuous moment turned from bliss to demise with the simple phrase he greeted us with. Climbing is not allowed. Now if you’ve ever dropped a rock on your toe or stubbed it on a coffee table corner you’ll kind of know the instantaneous pain we felt as the forbidden words were spoken. (How heart breaking would it be if the story ended there?) Welp maybe it was written in the stars or we had spun enough prayer wheels at the last Tibetan temple we visited because shortly thereafter the official began to inquire about the potential we thought the park held for climbing and other outdoor sports. Our brief conversation at the front gate turned into a night of warm beer at the only bar in this one horse town, where in which we laid all our hopes and dreams out on the table wishfully thinking they would trudge through our BS and allow us to sink our hands in the virgin cracks. Sure enough the planets had all aliened and now some months later we’ve obtained unconditional climbing access. As it stands now over 40 traditional routes have been developed, most of which are multi-pitch. For all those out there who have day dreamed about something that has no end (be it: love, ice cream, Saturday morning cartoons), well for us climbers it seems our endless sandstone crack Mecca has been revealed. Covering an area of over 500km2 the sandstone massifs hold potential around every twist and bend. When to go: June to September is the typical monsoon season. Things get rather wet during that time. Other than that it's blue skies and sunshine for about 8 solid months a year! See ya'll around! Extra Beta: There is an online guide book that's free for now. All the beta you need to find your way. Keep in mind routes are going up daily so check back with hlechina.com or junshanclimber.com for up to date information.
  3. sorry to say pal but it seems your new China climbing forum doesn't actually work in China. The Dali board isn't a bad place either. just needs more traffic spread the word like herpes Adam!
  4. I thought redbull was supposed to give you wings not a vagina...
  5. ps. you guys love the goat foot or what??? we we're eating that particular goat when we turn around and here's this old woman using it's foot as a rattle toy.
  6. Ooof Mark how could you hurt me with hateful words? A tour guide?! I quit my last job because of such awful accusations. ;] Yup she gets up on the rock. glad to say though she likes hand jamming more than this sport crap. And Sobo, I don't think she woulda gone anywhere near my mouth if it wasn't for that piece of gum. several days of village food and no tooth brush equal the stench from hell... So when you all coming over to help set some new big wall lines?
  7. Back off, aussie! Kinga's mine. Well, at least I'm working it. Your studliness and youth may prevail, though, but be aware that I'm not cockblocked yet! Watch it, sobo, those polish chicks can be just as BSC as the red-headed irish ones. DAMHIK. Polish chicks are worse than red heads! At least w/ the freckle faced red head they play before they bite. Polish women are like sharks or cats. First they kill then, they normally don't bother to play. It takes a real man to handle a Polish woman. Don't worry guys, I've got this one under control
  8. Thats what is so great about living you can choose to do with our time what we want and be whatever we want? Although I have to admit, I fail to see why anyone would want to live a life of complacency and mediocracy when one can, with little effort, do so much more. Why choose to have a life not fully experienced or of little insignificance or to simply exist? Ah yes... your choice. Done Thats a pretty big philosophical question there. Lets take my step father for example. Here's a man thats chosen to settle down at a young age and work the same job since he was 17 as a diesel mechanic. He pulls on average 14 hour days 6 days a week. I wish I was exaggerating here. Thats his life. On Sunday, his day off, he comes home mows his lawn and washes his own log trucks. It's rough, but he loves it! On top of that he's helped my mother raise a family of two and not once have we gone a night with out dinner. He personally hates taking time off to go on vacations. Needless to say here, this is a man thats content with life. Always packs a smile and has been an encouraging factor when MYSELF wanted to go out and do my own thing (climb mt's, move to another country, ect ect). Everyone digs their own thing. Why do we have to belittle those that don't strive to earn millions and stand on the tallest peaks? Whats wrong with planting your roots and watching your seeds grow? Just sayin'
  9. I've sported Sportiva miuras for about two years now. They're great for hard sport and small cracks. Slab, not so much... I can't get over how well it forces pressure on such a small point and won't let it go. Break in period is a bit of a downer, but to put it simply. I can wear mine all day now w/o a prob (long hard alpine trad). That initial first few runs are going to hurt (don't they always anyways?). In the end you'll be more than grateful for purchasing these kicks. If they fit you're feet properly. If you'r already sporting the Sportivas I doubt you'll have a problem getting into Muiras. Congrats on getting back in after such a painful accident. cheers to you and your new shoes
  10. couple big walls right down the road. And one of the only toy's from China with less than lethal Mercury levels in it ;] mmm Village food. Thats a whole goat! View from above of a small village. the gal and I out scouting some sandstone by Laojunshan/ Liming National parks. Also part of the Three Rivers Gorge Scenic area. This region also has monkies! Rare and super endangered... China rocks. Come out and climb. You'll love yourself for it. p.s. Mark Webster here's a few teaser photos for ya.
  11. I'd rather climb Kinga! Does she count, I mean, I'm dreaming for it!
  12. Doesn't count. Sherpas arn't people... They're something completely different
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