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  1. psychiatrist?

  2. A Real NW Star

    Pure quality from a time when we could all breathe a little better. Thanks Feck!
  3. Negativity is bad for our sport

    Don't get me started.
  4. Right on! Conjures up some fond memories! Grats on a good time and hope we here of some more! (and pics too although I did see some you posted in the gallery! Cheers!
  5. best of cc.com photos of Really Big Housecats

    Took to trimming a bunch of almost blooming Catnip and depositing it on the floor to see what the cats would do...pretty predictable reaction.
  6. Outer Space Traverse 5.9?

  7. Falling Fun on Kennedy Gully

    Slightly more legit conditions at the same spot.
  8. Drinking Hiatuses

    Just like a T-break. But beer is food so it really cannot be quit or you will starve.
  9. Couloir

  10. CC History

    The end.
  11. Boise Rock

    Climbing near Boise on RC.com Boise is beautiful and surounded by some most excellent scenery. Personally never climbed there but here is a link to some areas nearby.
  12. CC History

  13. BioLite Stove w/ USB Charger

    I believe that the sale of the camping stoves is helping fund the home version designed optimally for 3rd world communities. (Somalia, Uganda, Chad, and Detroit). I would drop them an email perhaps and see what they say. Been messing with mine, nothing scientific but it will boil a small pot of water (pint+) in about 4 minutes and that was with poor fuel (green twigs and less than they recommend). Green/wet fuel makes an awesome wall of smoke though A small fan, powered by the battery helps the fire get going and adjusts its intensity as needed during the cooking process. More data as I get it, but as it stands, I love the stove. A definite step in the correct direction.
  14. CC History

  15. I know this may have been posted recently but the search engine is not giving me any goodies. Is the road past Olney Pass still open on weekends Thur PM thru Mon AM? Gonna head up there Sat. assuming this is still the case. Done googled it but I came up empty.
  16. No dice on the trip, plans cancelled, might head up there soon tho, but on a weekday so odds are good the road will be closed, we shall see. D
  17. SE Tacoma burglary shout out

    Not my home but was posted on my neighborhood FB page. If you live in Tacoma, maybe you recognize this person. I am just reposting to get it out to the Community. Be safe out there. [video:youtube]RO-TGOZh4ew
  18. SE Tacoma burglary shout out

    Just if anyone cares, sorry to deviate from the off topic...however the culprit has been caught.
  19. The cult of the Tri-Cam (now in the correct forum)

    Some bonus info I had scanned several years ago. From the first generation brochure (1982). Classic stuff. The images in the gallery proper are higher resolution for easier reading.
  20. 25 years ago today.....

  21. Absolutely, I have a feeling it will be fine, and I will post a TR if things go swimmingly
  22. Interesting and thought provoking story I just read in my copy of The Games Climbers play - 1978. Laugh, chide, ponder...what ever, I am still captivated by this stuff and find this story to be most illuminating, especially in the climbing world today. Granted the work has tinges of Castaneda, but thats ok by me The Greatest climber in the world - Bernard Amy
  23. Ziplock bags, purple latex gloves? Looks kinda methy around there. Sketchy yes.