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  1. You could contact the Spanish Dept of your local high school. Often times they have students that will tutor for cheap and they know the curriculum your kids will be using. Tutors that are not involved in the school district will often teach them more region-specific vocab and structures which are great for communicating, but not so great for testing and grades. PM me if you want more ideas of things to ask/look for.
  2. How about if we consider ourselves multidimensional climbers that don't have to be pigeon-holed into "a particular-level climber"? How cool would that be. No disrespect to John Long, but come on. Climbing is fun whatever you're climbing. I'm all for pushing the limits of my ability and ratcheting up the levels as I can handle it but if I climbed so that I could be called "a 5.11 climber" I would be a much unhappier climber. It's just freakin' fun!
  3. shaoleung

    Real Question

    One of the most costly parts of US education are legal fees/costs. Our legal system facilitates (encourages?) lawsuits over just about anything that a parent thinks is wrong. While some things are reasonable, often they are not. Even simple legal issues like the FOIA become huge expenses. I worked in a district which had to spend thousands of dollars on a simple request for email records regarding their student... just because the parent wanted to exercise their right to see the documents.
  4. shaoleung

    Real Question

    Actually, Denmark, Switzerland and Austria usually spend more than us. Plus, really that's a misleading stat. It's like comparing minimum wage in the US to what we pay the kids in china to make all our shit. Best to look at education spending as a percentage of GDP. There we came in 37th for 2011. How you figure "the ROI blows" baffles me. For most of modern civilization education has been considered a privilege. Since mandatory education laws came into effect we have seen the development of most of our modern comforts. For as much time as you spend on CC, you should show a little more respect for the education system. The internet wouldn't exist were it not for the investment made into education.
  5. I'm inspired! That sounds like a blast. Need a love of choss no doubt. That's what keeps the Olympics free of snob-riff-raff!
  6. Awesome. I was gazing at the range from Olympus all weekend. Camped on the false summit and dreamt of doing the Bailey range again. It has been 11 years.
  7. Since my first son was born, I don't think I've scaled anything back, but I have been much more careful about planning and learning about methods to keep me alive longer. Learning about new techniques and gear. Opening up your options when it comes to decision making time. Instead of cowboying myself up rock or across glaciers, I am thinking more. You're asking a very personal question and you're going to have to put all the pieces together for your own situation. As usual, there's no right answer and someone will always think your approach is irresponsible or extreme. No matter how sweet and juicy the peach, there's always going to be someone who doesn't like your peaches.
  8. Anyone who has any interest in the Olympics should get on it this week! Weather window doesn't get any better out there! Conditions on Olympus are prime.
  9. shaoleung

    Is this for real?

    That is some scary shit. Where are the bolts when you need em?
  10. Only if you suck wind on 5.9 like me...
  11. Great tool. I like the partial word search. Can you set it up so that when you hit the back button on your browser, it returns to the search results instead of refreshed search page?
  12. Well said. I'm right there with you. The big flexing flakes agreed with me about as much as the spicy burrito I ate after the climb.
  13. Yeah... did orbit a couple weeks ago. Much more sustained (though easier)... and much more fun in my opinion.
  14. Word. I am being a sissy... I blame it on the ominous clouds that threatened to piss on us... plus I just need to man up and quit pulling on pints.
  15. Am I the only one that thinks the 3rd pitch traverse on Outer Space is 5.9d/10a or am I just that much of a sissy? Bring it...
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