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  1. For Sale: Gently Used Trad Rack

    It's not necessarily "gay" at all, bro. Embrace your sexuality. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Men_who_have_sex_with_men
  2. Ukrainian Ice Tool

    Do people actually climb on these things? It is fricken light, at 360grams... I'll give them that... http://shop.gear4rocks.com/en/ice-snow/ice-axe-tool/prod_151.html
  3. Fear the snaffles?

    Even a chipmunk is a snafflejacker at 6,000'.
  4. Fear the snaffles?

    Hell yea you should fear them mufuccers.. they'll straight up car jack your shit.
  5. Missing climber on hood.

    This confuses me as well. My thought was if in poor weather the climber mistakenly climbed up left of the Leutholds he could have ended climbing up onto the Yocum. That pic I posted above is from the morning of, about 8am
  6. Missing climber on hood.

    Weird, weird, weird.. So he climbed up onto the Yokum.. Then apparently tried to rap down to the Sandy from a picket... and either rapped off the end or the picket blew? I remember a few years ago a couple guys who accidentally climbed up the couloir to Queens Chair, intending on Leutholds... I believe they had to be rescued by chopper. I wonder if this guy made the same error? I've been on that side a few times, but I've never actually done Leutholds.. I don't know how straightforward the couloir is, but it certainly looks like you just follow the path of least caloric burn. Visibility was crystal clear that morning...
  7. How much experience do you need to bring a friend?

    Sounds like a lame day out, to me.. tell those guys to learn how to belay in the gym, then you'll take 'em out for some TR on rock.
  8. Missing climber on hood.

    Do you happen to know where the rope and picket were spotted?
  9. Missing climber on hood.

    On Saturday? Were you in the white plane?
  10. Missing climber on hood.

    I saw his registry in there when I left for iRock on Saturday morning... I thought to myself, "wow.. I wouldn't climb that right now.. way too warm. Good luck!" Shit you not. I didn't even know about all this till a couple days ago, then I went through my album from the climb and realized I'd taken two or three really good beta shots of the west face from the top of the western chamber. I'm technologically retarded, so I don't know how to zoom and sharpen resolution and all that crap, but I'm waiting for someone from SAR to call me back so I can email them over. Probably won't help much, but at least they show exactly what the glacier and route looked like the morning he was going through there... it's changed a lot in the last week, I can imagine.
  11. Mt Hood

    I was under the impression TMG was the only racket permitted to guide on Hood... do other places sub them for guiding, or be there more than one?
  12. Mt Hood

    Fitness wise, the worst that's going to happen is you get tired and turn around. Technical wise, you need to understand and have practiced proper crampon technique, and self-belay and self-arrest technique. There was at least one rescue injury and one death last year from slips below Crater Rock- Hogsback is above Crater Rock. It's fairly serious stuff up there.
  13. Please use mountaineering boots on mt. Hood

    Doesn't matter what footwear you wear. High heels, sandals, 8,000m boots, hiking boots... if you lack the ability to keep yourself safe in the alpine, you're already fucked. I often wear hiking boots with contact strap crampons this time of year. Fast is light, and light is right. Or something like that.
  14. Please use mountaineering boots on mt. Hood

    No hiking boots for climbing.. what about climbing shoes for climbing?
  15. Fairweathers - Beta

    Howdy Has this range not been climbed much? Not really finding any info at all... any books on the topic? Google Almighty gives up nothing.