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  1. Bizarre Movies

    I thought Requiem for a Dream and Spun borrowed a lot from Drugstore Cowboy, both technically and thematically. You could throw some Salton Sea in that soup too. The more movies I see the more I like Kill Bill.
  2. Spray Sucks

    Hey! That's the guy on Linebacker's answering machine!
  3. a walk in the freezer

    The A-frame has a good supply of wood this year. And the new woodstove is sweet. The old stove is in the cook hut now, so that should make the old place a bit more bearable. I'll check on dates. (we should really go ski w/ TG)
  4. Matrix Revolutions

    Oh, and Neo saves the Ewok's village and there's a big dance party! My vote for worst sci-fi movie ending was Total Recall. I soooo wanted Arnie's head to blow up.
  5. Matrix Revolutions

    Wouldn't the second One be Two? Let me guess... Trinity is Neo's Sister. Agent Smtih his Father. Morpheus IS the Matrix. Tank comes back from the dead and kicks the W bros ass.
  6. what a surprise!

    He said FOX News is #1. This is separate from FOX Sports and FOX programming. The Baby O'Rielly told him so.
  7. Mountain Savvy Avalanche Courses/permit dispute

    They must've used a fake name on their permit application.
  8. Ski Helmets?

    My closest calls skiing have come from falling rocks, as opposed to falling into them, so I take a climbing helmet sometimes. But I think most of my ski helmet wariness comes from knowing that if I skied even a few days in one, I’d get too used to it and never be able to go back to a hat. Last year I forgot my helmet for a mtn bike ride and I was on the brakes scared shitless the whole ride. Then yesterday, I rode Three Corner Rock with two guys who didn’t have helmets. “Can’t see the point,” they said. Yikes! I hope they never do.
  9. Tele class

    I’d second that Nils Larson recommendation. I had a day with him at the WyEast tele camp a few years ago and it was breakthrough experience. Those summer camps are amazingly cheap considering how much good beta you get. A lesson with Shelly of Wy’East is always worthwhile, IME. Also, I don’t know if he’s still at it, but Glen Kessler (rangering on Rainier last I heard) is an excellent tele instructor. JUST ADD STOKE! (and snow...)
  10. Want to learn to climb in Portland?

    I once went to a pre-sale of the Mazama sale. A very scary place. I was trying on a pair of boots and turned around to find that my shoes had been snaffled-up by an olde Mazzie. Me: "Um... excuse me sir, those are my shoes." Mazzy: "Have you paid for them yet?" Me:
  11. Everything a wannbe villain requires...

    Further Study
  12. Non-Love Fest Plans

    Loading firewood into the Tilly Jane cabins. Tuft love it is!
  13. Are You Experienced?

    In the small circle of pain within the skull You still shall tramp and tread one endless round Of thought, to justify your action to yourselves, Weaving a fiction which unravels as you weave, Pacing forever in the hell of make-believe Which never is belief: this is your fate on earth And we must think no further of you.
  14. Looks like the Democrats' have another winner.

    Ummm… you completely missed my point, Matt. I wasn’t addressing your post on the dearth of liberal talk radio at all. I was pointing out that even conservatives have questions about the current administration's idea of “honor and dignity.” [...] As a columnist, Kelly was a caustic conservative who was merciless in his criticism of Bill Clinton and Al Gore and was generally supportive of President Bush, especially on foreign policy. In 1997, New Republic owner Martin Peretz, a close friend of Gore, fired Kelly as the magazine's editor over his continuing attacks on the Clinton administration. [...] http://www.washingtonpost.com/ac2/wp-dyn?pagename=article&node=&contentId=A27396-2003Apr4&notFound=true I'm actually hoping the Dems do have a winner!
  15. Looks like the Democrats' have another winner.

    I liked Michael Kelly’s quip that the Bushites idea of “restoring honor and dignity to the White House” was to charge more for it… Really too bad he got permanently embedded.
  16. mmm britney

    Right… Thanks for fixing the link, Tim. Those pics are HOT! (PEBKAC – Problem Exists Between the Keyboard and Chair)
  17. Best gloves for skiin' in the rain?

    I have had good results with OR mitts, but still prefer skiing with gloves. I applied Seamgrip to a pair of BD Guide gloves. Did every seam, inside and out –took days to do. It helped, but they still soak thru eventually. IME, multiple pairs of cheap ski gloves are the best solution.
  18. movies that suck.

    wow. i cannot believe i heared that. Yeah, me too. Afaic, "25th hr" is Spike's first good film. But it's really good! "The League of Extraordinarily Boring Gentlemen" Sadly, I'm hearing gawd awful reviews of Underworld. As gals go, K. Beckinsale is the absolute end of all for me, but she's been in so many suck movies. A Pearl Harbor or a Serindipidy and the glimmer dims, then there'll be a Laurel Canyon and I'm gone all over again.
  19. Lynx in the Oregon cascades?

    Mtguide and I saw an Elk's track on the Pinnacle Ridge trail just last Sunday. Deer track too. I've seen a couple of bears on Mt Hood, but my only cougar sighting was along the Washougal River out toward Three Corner Rock. It's great having big critters around. David Quammen only gives 'em another 150 years or so in his new book..
  20. movies that suck.

    Dances w/ was over-rated, imo. Didn’t see The Postman, but I thought Waterworld had potential up until the scene where the Mariner's boat sank. After that it seemed like they were shooting for an ocean going Mad Max movie, which also sucked if you ask me. Spike Lee’s latest, The Twenty-Fifth Hour.
  21. movies that suck.

    Northfork. Not only do I want those two hours back, I wanna get paid for them!
  22. Immortality

    Anybody ever read “The Prince of India” by LEW. Wallace? Fascinating early historical fiction about the fall of Constantinoble and a guy “cursed” to live forever for offending the baby Jeebus. [No, his name was not eric.] I lost a whole winter's worth of reading to that book.
  23. Lynx in the Oregon cascades?

    Once while night riding on the Wildwood trail, I scared up what I assumed was a large bobcat. Maybe a little less than knee-high with those ear tuffs and big fuzzy feet. He ran along in front of me for a block or so, frozen in my headlamp beam until he jumped off the trail. Then he was outtathere!
  24. 8 weeks off, govt sponsored

    If you haven’t left already… Wasn't Tex headed there? "Coasting is pernicious." -- Tahko Pihkala