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  1. Years ago, the owners of the Cayoosh Creek campground, right in town, didn't mind if you set up a tent there in the winter. No facilities, but it was more convenient than driving out to Marble Canyon after having dinner and some beers in town. Hanging out at Mugs & Jugs, drying gear in front of their fireplace, was often the best part of a Lillooet ice weekend.
  2. Like new condition, worn on only a handful of snow and ice climbs. Insulated with Primaloft, made in Italy. CAD$185 + shipping, email bc DOT climber AT gmail.com
  3. I've been skiing in a pair of MEC bibs made of Polartec PowerShield for about 10 years. Other than the DWR having worn off, they're still going strong. PowerShield rocks. Sadly, it's almost impossible to find proper soft shell bibs anymore.
  4. Like new, only used once or twice. Great for summer glacier travel. $100 + shipping. Email bc DOT climber AT gmail DOT com
  5. Old school AT bindings, but will work with just about any welted boot, which makes this a great setup for climbing approaches. Bindings are size "N" (normal / standard), with not a lot of use. Everything is in good working order. Skis are 160cm. $100 + shipping. Email bc DOT climber AT gmail DOT com
  6. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at what you can climb in them. I've climbed up to grade 3 in two buckle T2 tele boots (traditional duckbill and much more flexible than TX Pros) with BD Sabretooths. Not ideal, but it'll get the job done.
  7. Wigwam / Ultimax makes liners which are almost knee high. Thin liners plus a mid-weight sock has been my recipe for staying blister free on everything from touring for turns to 40km in a day death marches.
  8. A slightly longer, but more casual with less bushwacking, approach is to park at the fork just past the bridge and hike to the end of the road which goes to the upper cut block. A very short bit of thrashing leads to more open trees on the ridge and away you go.
  9. If you make the switch to NTN, you can get a $100 rebate when you by a pair of Scarpa, Garmont or Crispi boots and new bindings before January 31.
  10. Still have some stuff left: - Petzl Left & Right Ascenders ($100) - 1 BD Cliffhanger Hook, 1 BD Talon Hook, 1 Leeper Wide Hook, 1 Charlet Moser Fifi Hook ($35) - 11 Oval 'biners ($40)
  11. Rarely used. The shaft, head and adze are like new. Recurved pick has been used on other tools but has some life left in it. Classic pick and hammer head have never been used. Includes BD Lockdown Leash. $70 PM or email bc.climber@gmail.com
  12. 1 BD Yosemite Hammer 1 Petzl Left Ascender 1 Petzl Right Ascender 1 BD 3/4" Angle Piton 1 BD 5/8" Angle Piton 1 Camp #1 Lost Arrow 1 Camp #2 Lost Arrow 1 Camp #3 Lost Arrow 1 BD Standard Knifeblade 2 BD Thick Knifeblades 1 BD Cliffhanger Hook 1 BD Talon Hook 1 Leeper Wide Hook 1 Charlet Moser Fifi Hook 6 BD Oval 'biners 5 Omega-Pacific Oval 'biners The Ascenders have been used on a couple of short climbs and have some wear and tear. The hammer has been used a couple of times to practice placing and removing pins. Everything else is pretty much like new. New at MEC this would be $450 + tax worth of gear. Yours for CAD$325 + shipping. Prefer to sell all together. PM or email bc dot climber at gmail dot com
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