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  1. As of Sunday the road was only open to Morrison Creek. I'm hoping the road will be open for at least part of the way to Cold Springs this weekend, but from how much snow I saw there on Sunday, I'd only expect a few hundred extra vertical feet.
  2. http://www.rei.com/online/store/ProductD...gory_rn=4501542 They had them at the store in the Pearl last I checked (they were up by the boots)
  3. I asked about this when I was in recently. The owner of the building is selling, and they've included a sale agreement that Climb Max gets a year after the sale to find a new home. They say they're trying to stay in the area (within 10 blocks or so), but we'll see what happens.
  4. A summit register entry on Mt. Washington was what prompted me to climb the SE Spur... it was a great route!
  5. It's currently chasing Sheep Rock
  6. I was looking at the steepness and exposure of the East Buttress and was thinking "maybe someday, but not anytime soon". I was also looking at the approach gully and thinking very similar thoughts to what you thought, it looks rather crazy. The start of the SE Spur was actually quite spectacular. We started on the left side, as per the guidebooks, and except for a 6 foot step of volcanic crap that we had to get around to gain the rock, it was quite enjoyable. 39th time?! Holy crap!
  7. Great route! First 2 pitches were of North Cascades quality rock, and there's a great knife-edge ridge traverse. Crux was indeed on good rock amid a sea of vertical scree, and the upper pitches wern't that bad (we simuled after the crux.) I will post a more detailed TR when I get a chance...
  8. Thanx for the info! I will hopefully post a TR next week.
  9. I would think it'd have to be from the western side.... look at the shadows.
  10. Anyone gone up this route? I'm wondering what the quality of the rock is like. I saw a register entry on Saturday that read "First couple hundred feet don't belong in Oregon. Worth the approach." I was wondering if anyone can elaborate on this (is the crux on good rock, how difficult is the chossy section, etc.)
  11. from kgw: "The man's name wasn't released; he was identified only as a 34-year-old Seattle resident." My condolences to his friends and family
  12. I guess they were on Cooper Spur. Whoever it was didn't make it
  13. Anyone know anybody who was going up today? I've only found the info on KGW as of yet (and there's not much there...)
  14. I plan on doing it this summer. I understand that the book Trekking Washington has a very detailed description of how to get across the trailess area (bring your altimeter.) I've done the trails around Hood and St. Helens (I feel fortunate to have done St. Helens in early September, right before it starting having bad gas), so I figure that Adams is the next logical step. That trip around Sisters looks promising too!
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