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  1. Clark

    If you look real close you will find that Wesley Clark is really Ross Perot in uniform. He is a huge exercise in make believe. Clark’s behavior is pathologic. Notice how he has been running around since his retirement trying to gain attention from anyone that will notice him. He is all over the map, first with the repubs and now with the dems. He seems to be a child in search of attention.... This is not uncommon behavior with retired senior military officers. (and their wives) These guys are so used to being the focus of attention while in the military it is hard for them to adjust back to civilian life where nobody gives a rat’s ass what they think anymore. The dems nominating a “peace loving” General is “deja vu all over again.” Remember Wesley McClellan, "The Young Napoleon?" In 1864, he was the Democrat nominee against Abraham Lincoln. Gen. McClellan graduated from West Point, second in his class. Remember how that turned out.
  2. this place has really hit rock bottom

    out of curiosity, what was wrong with the dear jon thread?
  3. gee, did someone get offended? you remaining posters are now good little cogs in the wheel. sheesh
  4. Portaledge shananagans at Marymoore

    Clark sux donkey dicks
  5. PC: lemming see, lemming do

    who's the DI remind ya of?
  6. Treason in the Bush Administration

    beck, that's general knowledge that the government has been using for years. trask is talking about criminal type behavior.
  7. Question on ski bindings

    holy cow, Sphinx is Cracked?
  8. I'm Moving

    ..and don't complain when the unreformed, enrepentent, recidivist, child molester moves into a half-way house next door to you. Thankfully for you 4-16 year old daught/son, and for the police, who get to re-arrest this individual, he's more of a hardened criminal due to your less-than-zero treatment of the incarcerated. Way to go!! just shoot the cocksucker then and be done with it. prison reform is a myth. the guards are all in it with the cons. it's all a fucking scam.
  9. Time Machine

    put up your dukes chicken fucker
  10. I'm Moving

    prisoners don't deserve half the shit they get. take away the tv's, the cigarettes, the drugs, the condoms, the hot meals, the Hilton treatment and shit like that. treat the lowlife scum for what they are...pieces of dogshit.
  11. Time Machine

    fuck you pig fucker
  12. I'm Moving

    who gives a shit 'bout prison filth? they got what they deserve.
  13. Guns don't kill people . . .

    That's a really sad and tragic occurance. I'm sorry to hear of it. ...so, let's ban handguns, right? btw, how many deaths attributed to auto accidents last week? cars don't kill people...
  14. Bring Back Trask

    surely you jest