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  1. Can't believe I didn't check here first lol, I bought one for 50$ a day after this post and thought I got the best deal ever
  2. Maybe am dumb and missed it but has anyone done the SE face on Agnes? Always thought it looked enticing(looks could be a honeypot considering how bad the rock elsewhere on the mountain is, 1200ft for the upper half, 2000ft if you could link the bottom portion too. Also the SE ridge of Crowder maybe? Looks like you could take some slaby goodness from valley floor all the way up 6000 ft in length.
  3. Only real foods I always eat are 95% chocolate, sugar peas, and soyjerky: pretty self explanatory chewy good, chocolate good, fiber good. Everything else is what's tolerable on this list of lightest foods.
  4. It's one of the better rocks of the Swauk/chumstick Formation sandstone, but is still known as soft and a bit sandy. There's the standard route, current version of which I think includes Beckey's adjustments which is decently bolted (I've heard some people also supplement with pro) 5.7/8 zigzags up the shorter less steep aspect up obvious ramp system. Also, SW Face 5.6 A2 Aid climb no one does really. (possibly others very obscure? considering it had decent features in sections) Slabs bellow pinnacle also have a few routes including a bolted 5.10a. A few years ago at least there was designated parking up Spromberg Canyon for the hike.( located on private property with FS easement). It's mostly considered a novelty but generally categorized as subpar along with the few hundred other routes of the Swauk Formations compared to the area's main attraction: Leavenworth Granite.
  5. Kayakers often enter the river near this area in the Ayance Canyon/Palisades, It looks likes some of the walls with similar qualities (unsure if it's this exact selection, or adjacent cliffs of very similar nature are pretty accessible from the river, either a talus slope, treed bank, or small shore on more open stretches of the river. During lower flow crossing with a inflatable raft might be the most practical than the half a mile bushwhack and rappel. There's some interesting 120 degree overhanging sections towards the bottom of some of these cliffs , although the rock quality seems quite iffy the lower you go as well.
  6. Considering no one seemed to like the climbing there, I reckoned someone might have an abandoned copy they'd be ok with, parting with. Won't be in the region for a few months however, so would need it shipped. Don't care about condition assuming almost all the route pages seem accounted for.
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