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  1. Egg plant Eldorado

    A couple of buddies an I are planning to ski the east ridge of eldorado pretty soon. Thinking of making a pit stop at the eggplant. I've been up there once before in a semi-whiteout (not much view of the rock). The eggplant seemed intriguing. Does anyone have any info on rock quality, routes, beta, or anything else? Thanks!
  2. [TR] Mt Shasta - Casaval Ridge 05/04/2022

    Trip: Mt Shasta - Casaval Ridge Trip Date: 05/04/2022 Trip Report: Seeing a break in the weather around the Mt Shasta area I decided I would make a move on Casaval Ridge. This route has been on my list for a while and now seemed like a great time for it. I left Bunny Flat trailhead around noon Tuesday. I could see high winds and spindrift off the top (very cool) High winds made for slow going. I had seen most parties who do this route bivy around 10,500 but I had more time before I wanted to sleep and I saw a higher notch that looked more protected. The temps were going to be higher than wanted both days so I did not want any overhead hazards while sleeping in the heat of the day. I found a notch in the ridge just above 11,000ft. Beautiful evening and views on the ridge. Seeing some wind textured snow higher on the route and a few inches of wind loading near ridgeline lower on the route I was sure I didn't want to be anywhere near those when the sun heated them up. Moving by 2 am I found a faint boot pack that lead me through the lower gap and to the base of the catwalk. The catwalk was in great shape, I found some bare ice higher on route that made for super fun climbing. topped out Casaval Ridge around 5 am right as the sun came up. Misery hill made less miserable by a great sunrise! Made it up Misery Hill and across the plateau to the summit pinnacle making it on top around 6:30. Couldn't really ask for better conditions and had such a fun time!! The ski down avy gulch was icy and slow but I'm sure when it gets sun it's a classic haha. Back to the trailhead by 9 am and back home to Washington before dinner. Thanks for reading!! a great start to spring and hopefully more to come! Gear Notes: Nothin special, skis to make the decent a little more interesting Approach Notes: followed the first chute to the west of the ridge
  3. [TR] North Twin Sister - West ridge 02/25/2022

    Thanks! It’s a super fun little range and people have figured that out. I think any good weather day you are sure to run into a good amount of people.
  4. Trip: North Twin Sister - West ridge Trip Date: 02/25/2022 Trip Report: Hey everybody! A week and a bit ago I noticed questionable avy conditons but decent weather. Without a partner to go out with I was looking for something not to gnar. I had heard the west ridge of the north twin was a decent winter objective. In my mind with questionable conditions the worst case is a good workout! I drove up thursday evening and slept at the trailhead for a little bit more sleep. Up by 4 moving by 5. following the road up a few switch backs then getting ontop of the west ridge almost directly after the road ends to aviod as much avy terrian as possible. Leaving my skis and ski boots behind once skining became less favorable I head up the ridge by 8 am. I carried but didn't end up using crampons rope and rock pro. The ridge itself was slow going due to about 6"-1' of snow covering most of the rock on the ridge. Not having much beta on the ridge itself I found a line that stayed mostly in 4th - low 5th class terrian and the best climbing was found mostly on the ridge propper. Staying on the ridge proper meant lots of up and downs making movement even slower. IMG_7044 (2).MOV After a few false summits I popped up onto the real top at around 1pm! On top I met two guys who had just come up the north face. They offered to let me rap off the picket they were placing and I accepted happily not wanting to rap and downclimb the more complicated west ridge decent. So much for staying out of avy terrain haha. After a short run down the north face and a traverse over to the base of the ridge I was reunited with my skis. Right down the ridge from where I left my skis I found someone had left a treat directally on the route. A little bit of etticite please don't poop directally on a popular route on an even more popular mountain. Btw I dropped one of my ice tools directally below the notch on the false summit in the second picture. It was on my harness with a wiregate and somehow it unclipped. I'm sure this summer it will be found, lunch is on me for whoever returns it! After skiing down the road I met up with my new friends from the summit and they offered me a ride out to where I left my car. Apparently they have the gate key and permits to drive up there! Who knew! Didnt get many pictures but it was a fun solo mission! Gear Notes: Rock pro I probably should have used but I didnt find anything to challenging Approach Notes: Even if the gate is open don't drive past the bridge over the nooksack apparently the gate gets closed and people get there cars stuck!
  5. Climbing partner/group for Rainier Winter Climb

    If weather works out I am looking to do the gibralter ledges route sometime this winter. Ill be in touch!
  6. [TR] El Dorado - NW Couloir (Attempt) 11/21/2021

    Super cool trip! I am looking to ski this later this winter.
  7. Sloan SE shelf

    Thank you!
  8. Hey everyone! I am looking for climbing and skiing partners for this winter or in general. I am 18 and have been taking alpine climbing seriously for about a year. Before that I have lots of rockclimbing experience (climbing team kid sinse I was 8 ). As of now I can lead 5.12 in the gym. I have a small amout of trad experience and would like to progress that skill as well as a small amout of ice climbing experience. I am training to hopefully be a guide and all the experience I can get is amazing. Climbes this last season. Dc route Mt. Rainier North Sister corcsrew route Sloan peak Colman demming Mt. Baker (Ski) North face Devils bedstead Attempt on exum ridge The Grand Teton Eldorado Glacier Eldorado peak Attempt west ridge Mt. Stuart Longs peak Keyhole Route
  9. [TR] Stuart - West Ridge 10/24/2015

    Very impressive one day push!!
  10. Sloan SE shelf

    Hey! I've been searching for trip reports about any winter accents of the SE shelf of Sloan peak. I wonder if anyone has done it or knows anyone who has? I would love some beta or even some general recommendations!