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  1. Climbing partner/group for Rainier Winter Climb

    If weather works out I am looking to do the gibralter ledges route sometime this winter. Ill be in touch!
  2. [TR] El Dorado - NW Couloir (Attempt) 11/21/2021

    Super cool trip! I am looking to ski this later this winter.
  3. Sloan SE shelf

    Thank you!
  4. Hey everyone! I am looking for climbing and skiing partners for this winter or in general. I am 18 and have been taking alpine climbing seriously for about a year. Before that I have lots of rockclimbing experience (climbing team kid sinse I was 8 ). As of now I can lead 5.12 in the gym. I have a small amout of trad experience and would like to progress that skill as well as a small amout of ice climbing experience. I am training to hopefully be a guide and all the experience I can get is amazing. Climbes this last season. Dc route Mt. Rainier North Sister corcsrew route Sloan peak Colman demming Mt. Baker (Ski) North face Devils bedstead Attempt on exum ridge The Grand Teton Eldorado Glacier Eldorado peak Attempt west ridge Mt. Stuart Longs peak Keyhole Route
  5. [TR] Stuart - West Ridge 10/24/2015

    Very impressive one day push!!
  6. Sloan SE shelf

    Hey! I've been searching for trip reports about any winter accents of the SE shelf of Sloan peak. I wonder if anyone has done it or knows anyone who has? I would love some beta or even some general recommendations!