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  1. Ski Gear Recommendations

    Bronco and JasonG are giving you great advice, evo and proski northbend are great bootfitters and have great knowledge about skimountaineering. The light skimo bindings these days are amazing. I've been running dynafit speed radical toe pieces and plum 150 heel pieces for many seasons, light and no funky releases. I'm the same size as you and ski my gear very aggressive. The advice to lift ski as much as possible, is so you can handle all the conditions you will find off piste. Cheers!
  2. [TR] Mt Shuksan - Fisher Chimneys 07/18/2021

    Your wife's infinity sunglasses are the bomb!
  3. [TR] Goode - NE Buttress 07/02/2021

    Had a similar experience with the crossing on very hot day, crossings were all above the waist. Been involved with body recovery in rivers before so we went climbing at liberty bell instead, got it later in august.When in doubt wuss out.
  4. I agree with Rad, the scree skiing, that boulder, and goats that walked right up to you for some salty goodness. Highly recommend west arete, good rock, easy fifth class. Going up that scree slope has to be a real bear
  5. WA Ice Conditions 2020-21

    That avi debris field looks like great skiing! It's like mini pillow hopping.
  6. Loved the saturation levels, soon friends and loved ones will comment on your funky mildew stank. Looked at skookum today after skiing it did look damp. Very entertaining write up.
  7. WA Ice Conditions 2020-21

    So cool! And ice involved with most sticks?
  8. WA Ice Conditions 2020-21

    Curious usually this is the set up for good alpine ice, but not seeing it, rain event, ,lowering freezing level, what you finding?
  9. [TR] The Mighty Tooth - Regular 01/17/2021

    Hell ya! Tricams just pink and reds?
  10. As usual great photos, I agree Alisse cool pack, I'm crankin up the sewing machine.
  11. [TR] Mount Baring - Standard 12/05/2020

    Above picture, light and fast alpine style. Yea buddy!
  12. [TR] Diobsud Buttes - Standard 04/16/2020

    What no angle grinder, bolt cutters, or 6ft pipe?That's what all the tweekers carry from burlington when they go for a hike. Great photos as usual.Keep the TR's coming.
  13. review Footwear in the Cascades

    Excellent write up, creaking old troglodyte here climbed in galiber superguides, habelar wood shanked superlights and realized early on to bring running shoes for approaches and some climbs. Then when the dynafit tlt5 came out got rid of my plastic boots, smaller profile better fit, and could ski well. Do most class 3 and low 5 with running shoes last twenty years now, your legs and feet feel fresher and I feel that well into my 60's that technology has delivered more longevity to my bliss. Like kyle there is times I want to pack running shoes, ribelles,and rock shoes for some adventures. Also a great shoe brand is inov-8, its got rubber that sticks on greasy rock and wears well. In the 90's got passed on a 18,500 glaciated pass by 17 year old sherpani carrying 60lbs smoking a cigarette and wearing chinese converse knockoffs. So sometimes yer engine and tech can only take you so far.
  14. Watched a marten chase a douglas squirrel up and down a big fir finally corkscrew around the tree like barber pole the squirrel was quick but the marten got him in the end, also had one trying like hell to get in our food bag one winter night at colchuck lake, they are one little badass.
  15. Yep from what I remember, went up Ice Cliff glacier,up gully to notch on N ridge to gendarme then left up NE face. Everything was plastered with snice, the cruxes were the ridge snow covered rock and the top of NE face digging thru the cornice. The coolest part of the climb for me was when I was leading on the ridge deeply engrossed in little if any pro and huge shadow came over me, looking up I was staring at the largest and very close golden eagle, I could look right in those eyes don't know who was more surprised thought I was gonna get nailed by big chunk of rock or ice.