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  1. 68 years ago today marked...

    D-Day Wrecks
  2. Duh!

    Well, there was this little affair at a shopping mall in Maryland...
  3. leavenworth FA documentation

    Would that be vertical, or linear, or both?
  4. Enjoy!!

    That was fun to watch. Thanks for sharing.
  5. what happened to good ole mad dog 20/20?

    Sounds like a modern iteration of a Sterno cocktail, with a bread filter.
  6. Mt. Baker/Shuksan Arm Avalanche

  7. No more oil

    As does smoking toad venom.
  8. Forced Grovel

  9. "stop telling ourselves lies about the risk"

    This thread is definitely a better read backward than forward.
  10. Telemark, AT stuff, Gregory pack, Filson coat

    I've owned the TM's and skied the Kongurs. Both are decent skis. The Rivas? Not a big fan, especially without risers. $50 for either pair of skis, and another $50 for some good, used Targas or Hardwires and you've got yourself a respectable tele rig.
  11. Telemark, AT stuff, Gregory pack, Filson coat

    It's no wonder that you hate telemark skiing... "I hate NASCAR racing!"
  12. Gay Marriage

    Or Clint
  13. US Emabassy-Baghdad

    So much for...... getting out of Iraq.
  14. US Emabassy-Baghdad

  15. Greatest Album or CD Cover of All Time

    Actually, its this one...
  16. Greatest Album or CD Cover of All Time

    No, this one...
  17. Greatest Album or CD Cover of All Time

    This one...
  18. Yak Peak, BC.

    Apology accepted. Have fun on Yak Peak.
  19. Yak Peak, BC.

    [canned definitions] Jah is the shortened name for God YHWH, and Jehovah. Most commonly used in the Rastafari movement. Rasta is the shortened name for rastafari, a Black youth subculture and religious movement that arose in the ghettos of Kingston, Jamaica, in the 1950s; males grow hair in long dreadlocks and wear woolen caps; use marijuana and listen to reggae music. [/canned definitions] With the 'jah' in your name I guess it was assumed you know what a rasta bivy kit is.
  20. Your 2012 Predictions? Put it right here!

    I know the world is not going to end in 2012 because Marty McFly time-traveled to 2015.
  21. karhu 10th Mountain skis?

    The Madshus Epoch is essentially the same ski as the Karhu 10th Mountain (K2 owns both brands and folded the Karhu into the Madshus). They sell online for about $300.
  22. Ski Porn!

    On the other end of the spectrum, there's this...
  23. "Badass Muthafuckerin at its Best"

    Yeah, but having a ass pocket of whiskey will make it all better.
  24. "Badass Muthafuckerin at its Best"

    A Ass Pocket of Whiskey
  25. FS: Soft goods - 70-80% below retail!

    PM sent on the Patrol Gloves.