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  1. decent harness?

    was that weird to say? lol. oh and thanks man, ill deff get a pouch for my rasta bivi kit broootha.
  2. decent harness?

    Thanks Guys, really good stuff. Ive always done alot of hiking in the back country, and always seemed to find a piece of mountain that would just scream at me to climb but never had the equipment or pals, so ive just put it off. But i cant resist anymore!!! Ive done a little bit of indoor, and actual rock climbing but its been quite awhile now. So im starting at the basics again So harness; basically depending on the style im going for. id like something in the middle without to much restriction and a decent amount of padding. The only thing is, from sports i have rather large quads so id probably need adjustable legs loops.
  3. decent harness?

    I was just wondering what is a good beginner harness, that's affordable and safe. I dont have tons of extra cash to throw into a harness. And yes i realize i could ask a salesperson at a retail store, but id rather hear it from a community of climbers. Thanks
  4. Yak Peak, BC.

    lol as quick as it all started it finished
  5. Yak Peak, BC.

    no lol i said i was looking for one that grew on the mountain, not the rasta kind..
  6. Yak Peak, BC.

    lol... well i have thick skin so its all good. I think ill try out my alpine bivy? o got a decent bag too so well see.Although ill be honest i do feel like a rather large Burrito in the bivy sometimes.... I just dont see the fun in sleeping at the bottom. yeah its a short hike to the top, but to be honest there are some herbals im looking for that only grow at those elevations, and not the rasta kind of herbals, lol.
  7. Yak Peak, BC.

    but you missed the most important part. the 14th part.
  8. Yak Peak, BC.

    Im not sure how my email address is linked to any troll. but i am surprised you picked up on it. the address that is.
  9. Yak Peak, BC.

    sounds good. seeing as the weather is really weird here this year, and we dont have anymore snow where i am, and getting 5+ days im hoping and praying that my ten day window in mid april will be an amazingly warm period and perfect for a yak summit. well see i guess. if not then i suppose august will have to do. And no, i am not trolling. Just looking for straight answers. All tho i am not usually afraid to stir things up, i never set out to do so nor really enjoy it.
  10. Yak Peak, BC.

    Id like to know how, asking for some advice is ignorant. And how being irritated by ignorant answers is so unheard of. So far sobo obwan are the only two people who've actually given an answer isnt condescending or patronizing. Ive done all the "google searching" possible and was just hoping for some feedback from people who've climbed it, one way or another. And thought id get positive feed back. But apparently the high altitude and thin air have left the majority of people on here feeling a little more full of themselves then what reality would say about them.
  11. Yak Peak, BC.

    Hey thanks for trying to help out for no reason in particular Sobo I dont get whats up with alot of the people on this site...i expected people who love to climb and love the outdoors to be a little more relaxed and laid back..but it seems so far that all three days that ive been watching the forums that the majority have walking poles shoved up some really uncomfortable places. You guys could be a little more respectful when someone (sobo) is trying to help get some information for a new member that they really dont even really need to waste their time on. Trying being a little more civil and courteous. We're all climbers here who all love the outdoors.....
  12. Yak Peak, BC.

    im going to eat.
  13. Yak Peak, BC.

    ok well then the next step would be to assume that i dont live in the area and then that would let the eyebrows rest in their normal position. wow it takes quite alot to get a decent answer around here...
  14. Yak Peak, BC.

    Gene; probably the only accessible water would be from the the small creek near the bottom?
  15. Yak Peak, BC.

    Oh alright, well that makes pretty good sense. Sorry if i offend, i just speak my mind? No offense intended this time.