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  1. yep. that chimney on burgundy was wet so we were thwarted on that. val led up the "scary" slab, then we up the ow finish... i think shes writing up a TR. did you leave us a note at my truck? i could only read half of something in the sand.
  2. Anyone climbed either of these routes on Burgundy since the FA? Both seem amazing except for one or two problematic (scary loose) pitches each. Just got off Rebel Yell and I want more, more, more.
  3. Here's a pic of the climb [img:center]https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-QG-WWLBEYMA/UUaCmr9w0kI/AAAAAAAAAOo/cvyFOA3zA9o/s800/IMG_2759.JPG[/img]
  4. anyone climbed little T lately? what are conditions like? just the normal easy route- not planning on a north face epic.
  5. hows the rock at washington pass? anyone been nearby? foolish to think i might rock climb there this weekend?
  6. thats what i figure too. it's a cool climb though. worthwhile if you're in the area and climb 5.9s.
  7. it's a hand-crack traverse on solid rock- right off the trail. many folks must walk by and see it. bit dirty- doesn't see much/ hasn't seen any traffic.
  8. I was there sunday- it's in tumwater, above Dildome.
  9. where would you find info on first ascents in the leavenworth area other than the current guidebook (Kramar 2010)? climbed something near Bear Cave Crag this weekend- wondering if it's documented?
  10. After thinking about it a bit it seems like maybe it wouldn't be that great of an advantage heel hooking. Once your foot starts to slide it seems unlikely that the next ridge of rubber will really stop your foot from skidding off the hold. But who knows (someone here?). Let's assume they work, here's the question: Should they be legal in comps? What if someone claimed a FFA using these to heel hook the crux? Legit? I don't think so.
  11. check out the mowhawk-heel on these sporto/boulder shoes. evolv talon Why don't you just put a rigid toe extension on the front while they're at it? Maybe made out of metal and filed down to a fine point. Then maybe I could climb City Park. I want a glove that extends my fingers (retractable or course) Maybe the glove could fill up from a reserve bladder so I could jam 5 inch cracks. Oh oh, also I want a hip belt that moves water around so that I can be perfectly balanced while manteling. Don't forget extenders for stemming.
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