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  1. couple photo's from China

    Stiven- you can see a goat testicle in the middle of the frying pan! :0 No waste with that modified goat rattle too. Kid seems pretty happy even without an Iphone and Xbox. Must be an amazing contrast to our way of life here in the goo ol US of A FUk Yeah! Miss you dude, glad your having the adventure of a lifetime. Have fun on that nice looking stone! -Sven
  2. Walter B @ Index (anchor bolt a bit sketchy)

    Good to hear it was just in need of a wrench. sorry for the whoopla
  3. Walter B @ Index (anchor bolt a bit sketchy)

    Sorry, the nut is probably loose too and had been threaded quite a bit, which is why I thought maybe it was over torqued. Tightening it might be all it needs but it was moving quite a bit in the hole laterally and up and down. It felt like I could pull it out with a good yank. Worth a look anyways.
  4. Walter B @ Index (anchor bolt a bit sketchy)

    there is but I bet most would clip the first one since its such nice hardware.
  5. was up on this climb today and noticed the left of the two anchor bolts was really loose, the bolt, not the nut. I dont have a ton of bolting experience but Ive found this to occur when the bolt is either over torqued or the wedge sleeve expands in a softer layer of rock. The anchor is equipped with really nice hardware, Madrock hangers, brand new bolts and anchor biners too, so it would be even more of a shame if it were to fail. Anyhow, the other bolt seems solid and it held but I would be happy to put a new bolt in (3/8" SS trubolt) and move the hardware if the caretaker didnt object. Or if anyone else gets to it first, bring a drill. Its a real nice route.
  6. Does p1 Lamplighter dry quickly?

    I bet the upper pitches will be plenty dry. BTW if youre looking for a cool pitch to do after L.L.H.G at the far end of the trail past the Sport and Earwax wall is "Everest Without Lycra". Awsome arete/face climbing mid 11 with good rests between cruxes. Nice to have a couple pieces for the start. Have fun at Red Rocks.
  7. Does p1 Lamplighter dry quickly?

    Hey Rad- This February we did it after 1 day of sun. A little breeze was helpful. It seems to seep a bit but only in places where the H2o can be avoided. Come on SUNday -B
  8. Latest Newhalem WA Topo

    Thanks for the topo. Looking forward to getting out there again. We climbed dry rock in the rain on our last visit. Nice routes and nice gniess.
  9. top-rope-bham

    If you could lower your standards a bit and allow a Mount Vermin local to join in, I have alternating weekends sat-sun then fri-mon.
  10. So far Ive had about 5 bites at Mt. Erie dating back to Jan., above average, and now had two in L-worth this weekend which is a new one for me. I have been told that Im a bit of a chick, I mean tick magnet though. I did notice that the ticks are much prettier in L-worth though a bit more plump too. Thank goodness none were dick ticks :0
  11. Wanted: Wall hammer

    anyone got an old hammer theyd like to part with?
  12. after climbing eats... what's your favorite?

    I still love the meatloaf sammies at the Sultan Bakery for the way to Index/L-worth. Though climbs are a letter grade harder after eating a half and a number grade harder if I eat a whole
  13. inspiring rock climbing videos?

    This ones pretty cool too. I think this was before the whole bottom of the route fell off. One of the best crack pitches! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ohE4VOx43Bk
  14. inspiring rock climbing videos?

    I always liked the Peter Croft segment in "Moving Over Stone" I think it was? Though I never was inspired enough (or had the guts)to want to solo much, it was an amazing example of what a few people are capable of.
  15. Props to Ramuta's Resoles...

    Ive tried Rubber Room, Page and others, no doubt Ramutas work is the best. Going there for 4 years