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  1. yes, the river trail goes by both
  2. Squamish Climbing

    The most recent book I know is Squamish Select(2012 edition) by Marc Bourdon. Kevin McLane book is out of print, but you can sometimes get it for $70 used. I was just up there last weekend(7/21/17), rainy. We went for Skywalker on Sunday at 8 am and there were 4 parties ahead of us already, we had a 2 hour wait to climb it. But it would have been too much effort to drive and climb another route.
  3. Seems things always change. My climb partner now has a boyfriend so I'm looking for an outdoor climb partner, preferably Portland area. Lead up to 10a trad. Looking to do some alpine as well as cragging. Not a Mountain snow type of person. Tend to be cautious and safe.
  4. Things have changed. original climbers cannot make it. Since I already paid for the campsite, still want to go. Have a campsite reserved at Windy Creek, 4 open spots. Climbing at Tieton. Looking for a climb partner who can follow 5.9 crack.
  5. depending on weather/ avy conditions. Skin up and ski down. I use AT. I would figure Avy gear is necessary. the mountain is supposed to get 5 inches Friday night at 6000 ft.
  6. So I found out from an old friend that "Valhalla" has been known for some time. Maybe they didn't explore the whole thing, but he has pictures of his experience, he writes: "The Jonathan Korn search, 7/31/1992. We spent the night down there in an unplanned bivouac. I got all on film."
  7. tele equipment for sale

    K2 Piste Stynx 170 cm with Rotefella Cobra tele bindings and BD skins. Great condition. asking $220 sold separately (or in addition to) Garmont Super G (yellow) boots, size 30(fits size 10.5-11 foot) $50
  8. Beacon

    Sunday, We were going to run up SE Corner, but was backlogged. Did Jill's Thrill instead and continued SE Corner to the top, beat the climbers on SE Corner, even though I struggled at the bulge 2nd pitch of JT. Also while starting at the base, saw a Bobcat trotting down the tracks...
  9. Future potential crag

    no takers? I'd be interested to take a look, see how stable the rock is
  10. climber rescue

    http://www.columbian.com/news/2015/jul/18/injured-dangling-climber-beacon-rock-fall-fell/ anyone have any more information? Technical rescue crews from Vancouver and Fire District 6 were called to Beacon Rock State Park in Skamania County Saturday evening after an injured climber was reported to be stranded 150 feet above the ground. The assistance calls came in around 8:20 p.m. According to emergency radio traffic monitored at The Columbian, a woman was climbing on the south side of the rock when she slipped and fell 15 feet, possibly dislocating her knee. She and a companion apparently made it to a ledge, but were high above the ground and in need of rescue. The two technical rescue crews that responded have members who are specially trained in rope rescues. At 9:15 p.m., one of the rescuers was with her, and they were preparing to lower her to the ground in a wire mesh stretcher called a Stokes. The actual rescue occurred after 10 p.m. The plan was to rescue the injured climber first, her companion second, and finally to lower a rescue team member who had reached the ledge to render aid. As they worked, darkness was rapidly becoming an issue, with rescuers calling for more lighting to be brought to the scene. Sunset was at 8:54 p.m.
  11. Stuart West Ridge Conditions

    Was there on 6/20. The 400 ft gully up to the 15 pitch upper route was snow filled. We turned back. Two other parties also turned back. There were two parties climbing the entire 30 pitch route. We forgot to ask about Cascadian Couloir
  12. Backpacking with white gas

  13. [TR] Dragontail - Gerber-Sink 4/19/2015

    it looks like CC wants pictures wider than higher. In all the rotated pictures, the longer edge is on the bottom
  14. http://kgwtv.mlnwap.com/article.html#!/10519/0409598074e3b1f128bd31e96afc274e REDMOND, Ore. (AP) - Deschutes County Sheriff's Office says an injured rock climber has been rescued at Smith Rock State Park in central Oregon. Rescue officials say the climber, 20-year-old John Dentley of Springfield, Missouri, was injured Saturday when a large rock he was holding onto gave way and struck him as it fell. Dentley's climbing partner called 911 at about 12:45 p.m. Two search and rescue members who had been climbing in the area made contact with the climbers. 14 additional rescuers also responded. Dentley was lowered to the group of rescuers and assisted down several hundred feet of extremely steep scree covered hillside to the walking trail. He sought his own medical treatment. The extent of his injuries isn't known. Officials say the incident appears to be the result of natural causes.