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  1. Beacon

    So I waffled on posting this on spray, but whothe f*8*Ck has rapped on Jill's Thrill with a 70m and has ever suggested it will reach the second anchor? I came up 4 feet short weighted, and 5-6 ft with unweighted rope.
  2. There is a thread on Facebook ClimbPDX group about the top out of SE corner and putting in a bolt anchor. But don't all requests go through WCC to WA State Parks? https://www.facebook.com/groups/ClimbPDX/permalink/709746279476533/ https://www.oregonclimbers.org/
  3. sounds good. Can we meet in the Planet Granite gym and talk about summer?
  4. Rooster Rock

    I heard there is a Opsrey nest on top of Rooster Rock
  5. Just trying to climb this summer. lead trad up to 5.10. Will do alpine rock. Snow, not so much.
  6. I was up there a month ago. A 140 ft 5.6 had my attention all the way. All smears, one or two divots or edges for hands, and lot's of sand, lichen, and moss to skirt around.
  7. Land of little people

    it's little is all I know
  8. Leavenworth July 4-8

    I find my original plans falling apart and so am looking to go to Leavenworth for the long weekend. Live in Portland. Trad up to 5.10.
  9. yes, the river trail goes by both
  10. Squamish Climbing

    The most recent book I know is Squamish Select(2012 edition) by Marc Bourdon. Kevin McLane book is out of print, but you can sometimes get it for $70 used. I was just up there last weekend(7/21/17), rainy. We went for Skywalker on Sunday at 8 am and there were 4 parties ahead of us already, we had a 2 hour wait to climb it. But it would have been too much effort to drive and climb another route.
  11. Seems things always change. My climb partner now has a boyfriend so I'm looking for an outdoor climb partner, preferably Portland area. Lead up to 10a trad. Looking to do some alpine as well as cragging. Not a Mountain snow type of person. Tend to be cautious and safe.
  12. Things have changed. original climbers cannot make it. Since I already paid for the campsite, still want to go. Have a campsite reserved at Windy Creek, 4 open spots. Climbing at Tieton. Looking for a climb partner who can follow 5.9 crack.
  13. depending on weather/ avy conditions. Skin up and ski down. I use AT. I would figure Avy gear is necessary. the mountain is supposed to get 5 inches Friday night at 6000 ft.
  14. So I found out from an old friend that "Valhalla" has been known for some time. Maybe they didn't explore the whole thing, but he has pictures of his experience, he writes: "The Jonathan Korn search, 7/31/1992. We spent the night down there in an unplanned bivouac. I got all on film."