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  1. Ueli Steck was such an impressive fellow. Humble and so accomplished.
  2. I know Ilse - Helmy's first wife. She's a wonderful woman and lives in Nanaimo on Vancouver Island. I've spoken with her a few times over the years about Fred and Helmy and as Puma describes above, its all positive stuff.
  3. Has anyone recently skied Mt. Hood recently or has pictures of current conditions? I was musing about driving down from Vancouver Island this weekend for a quick summit and ski down from the Hogsback. Also, if I decide to leave the skis at home and ride down on the motorcycle does anyone know if there are public lockers anywhere around Timberline Lodge where I can store some riding gear? I haven't been down there for years and can't recall much there other than the lodge and a climbing register box. Thanks.
  4. Bigtree

    Mt Hood

    Does anyone know if there's lockers a person can rent near/around the Timberline Lodge. I'm thinking about riding my motorcycle down from Vancouver Island this weekend for a quick blast up the standard route and need a place to safely store my helmet/riding gear. Thanks.
  5. What a great way to start my day reading a TR like this. Thanks for posting this. Looks like a fantastic trip.
  6. Bigtree

    Editing post?

    Thanks guys. @JasonG, its no bid deal, I was trying to edit the TR below. Specifically, I wanted to delete the following text/YouTube video: "Here's a short 360 from the summit (some day I'll remember to hold my iPhone sideway for better/wider angle view) [video:youtube]" For some reason the link is no longer picking up my Mt. Olympus video and is picking up a video from a Yosemite trip I did instead...weird.
  7. Bigtree

    Editing post?

    Can someone advise on how to edit posts? I was noodling around on the new site and wanted to make a small edit to an old TR but couldn't find any way to edit. Maybe its there, but its not obvious to me. Thanks.
  8. Thanks, I think. No Honnold van I'm afraid. Just a full size rental car and 3 guys.
  9. I'm heading down to Yosemite with a couple of friends next weekend for 10 days. Plan A was to spend our time climbing in the Tuolumne Meadows area. However, the Tioga Road is still closed due to heavy snowpack so the Lee Vinning option is out of the question. Plan B is to spend our time in the valley, but it appears impossible to get a site at Upper or Lower Pines campsites. Camp 4 is an option, but a gamble given demand/limited number of spots. Does anyone have any recommendations based on personal experience with camping options outside the park?
  10. Mzamp, don't underestimate the effects an extra 1,000' of elevation may have on you trying to push onto IF for your day 1 camp. As well, there's real value to starting your summit day off right with a crap in one of the DC outhouses rather than shitting on the snow at IF and managing the blue bag.
  11. Hey, thanks for the tip Kraken. Just listened to the first podcast with Charlie Sassara. Great stuff.
  12. I enjoyed that TR. Looks like great fun. Will have to get up to that area of the Rockies one day.
  13. I did that route a few years ago in June. Had to park at a turn out approx. 3 miles below Cold Springs and hike in. No big deal. You'll likely have to do the same in May but its a big snow year and so may end up parking/hiking considerably further.
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