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  1. Interesting about guide mode as the ropes getting smaller Thoughts?
  2. Need more jugs for the roof in my backyard cave. Trying to be cheap and hoping someone has some kicking around they aren't using, that they want to give me on the cheap, lemme know... thanks!
  3. Taking a friend up for his first alpine climb tomorrow... Any snow left up there? thanks,
  4. Howdy- So I'm scheduled to fly into the ruth on saturday. Trying to figure out what the most reliable weather forecast for the area is... Those of you who have been there, which sites should I look at? Thanks,
  5. Thanks everyone, picked one up yesterday, Muchas Gracias.
  6. Need a kitchen tent for the ruth. Trying to avoid buying a new one. Anyone got one kicking around they want to part with for cheap? Thanks,
  7. Need a handful of foam pads for some upcoming basecamp setup... Was hoping someone(s?) has a few foam sleeping pads i can take and use to cut up for various things. Let me know, looking for like 6-8 total.
  8. Well I'm going early April... Like April 1... Suggestions for ideal temp rating John? what sort of night time temps have you seen there?
  9. This is all great news. Thank you for the input, I am now even more pumped for this trip, which i didnt think was possible. While i've got your attention, what temp sleeping bags did you guys bring for base camp livin? I have a 20, and -20, i feel like 0 would be ideal, but id rather not buy a new bag, and -20 feels like overkill. Will i be cold in a 20? And while I'm at it, any other unsolicited advice for my first foray into the Ruth is also welcome. Thanks!
  10. Howdy! So I'm heading to the Ruth in early April, and was fishing around the interwebs for some cooking ideas, when i saw a video of an expedition where people brought a full propane tank, complete with 2 burner stoves, etc etc and had RIBs one night, as well as standard expedition fare. That being said, it looks like TAT doesn't allow propane tanks on the plane. What's the go to set up if i want to eat well and avoid freeze dried crap. Thoughts? Experiences? Thanks in advance.
  11. Howdy- So I'm going to the Ruth for 10 days in April, and was planning on doing some sled hauling while there. That being said, have people flown with their sleds? Bought them in AK? Thoughts?
  12. If this came to seattle I'd be in for sure...
  13. While I would love to climb any of those objectives this weekend, Word to the wise, they'll likely all be avalanche death pits... Likely without any ice taboot! http://www.nwac.us
  14. North Conway New Hampshire. More ice than you could ever climb in a week, most with sub 20 minute approaches...
  15. Howdy! Who's got some extra AT bindings kicking around for my wife? Someone does... Hoping to spend less than $200
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