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  1. [TR] Forbidden - W and NW ridges 8/9/2011

    well said OW
  2. Weekend climbing pack question

    CCW Chaos All you will ever need and built to take a beating but still pretty light on the weight. I would still throw in a lightweight day pack ala the Genie to boot.
  3. 2012 Grivel Tools

    Avatar Avatar Comp
  4. take the split board, should be lots of turns on Old Snowy. Here's a link to a previous trip in from the north fork/mccall basin Goat Rocks
  5. Go in from the North Fork of the Tieton .. you'll have no problem getting to the trail-head at the end of the road. Two years ago the trail up to Tieton Pass got nailed with a ton of windfall .. pain in the ass packing skis. It should be cleared by now. Route finding along the Crest Trail south of Tieton Pass may be a little tricky with the heavy snow pack, particularity if you come back out the same way. I'd suggest camping in McCall Basin ... usually a good source of firewood and pretty much the last decent spot below tree-line. Access Old Snowy and Ives via Avalanche Valley to the south of the Basin. Go light and 1 night out should do it .. most people do it in two.
  6. RocPec or Fixe?

    My guess would be because your asking about hand drills not power drills
  7. Draws Taken from Little Si!

    I doubt many traditional climbers would waste their time targeting Little Si to steal draws. Fact of the matter is .. dirt bag climbers exists in all elements of the sport. I hope you took some time to clean it up and replace it with some new webbing. To leave gear hanging and expect it to be there when you come back is pretty naive.
  8. Grivel G14 crampon conversion or trade...

    Have you tried purchasing a set "cramp-o-matic" front frames? Both of these retailers have been pretty good with Grivel parts in the past. Mountain Tools The Mountaineer
  9. Alps Mountaineering packs?

    Well made, Durable as hell and cost effective. IMO the best overall value for alpine climbing packs. CCW Chaos CCW Chernobyl
  10. Leader Packs

    I have a old version of the Bullet. Definitely bombproof and haul-able if needed. I had two lash points sew on to carry an axe/tool works pretty good. My only complaints .. mine is 16L, a bit too small for me, and the shoulder straps are too close together behind my neck.
  11. Leader Packs

    This number may also do the trick. At $26 it's pretty much disposable. MEC Travel Light Top Loader
  12. Gear slings?

    this is similar to how the Mountain Tools Speed Racks are intended to be used by fastening them to the shoulder straps of your pack.
  13. Gear slings?

    Anyone ever used these? Mountain Tools Speed Racks
  14. camp biner/draw recall

    it shows the Nano because it's used on the Mach Express Quickdraw ... do you need a bib?
  15. camp biner/draw recall

    straight from the horses mouth .. Camp Photon recall
  16. 2nd tool/hammer choices

    That's really sad ... so much great history
  17. Name our server

    How about Marty, Joan, Cristine or some other Cascadian hardwoman that is no longer with us? My personnel favorite would be Joan. She's got to be the first real hardwoman to come out of the NW.
  18. 2nd tool/hammer choices

    Don't buy a hammer longer than 50cm. I could be wrong, but more than likely you'll end up regretting it.
  19. Tethers on Leashless Tools

    boa leash instructions pdf
  20. Lwt is right?

  21. Lwt is right?

    Are you talking to me?
  22. Marmot CWM, Ropes, Cobras, Dragonfly

    pm sent of grivel 3rd tool
  23. Grand Teton

    GP has it right .. cams are over kill for the Spalding, a lot of people don't even bother with them on the Exum.
  24. Gear pimping with rivetting results

    one comment on your girth hitched picket ... using a Petzl string or any sort of o-ring gizmo on an open loop sling is bad news and a huge potential safety issue The danger of open slings no disrespect intended .. with all the recent "newbie" posts, I wouldn't want this to go unnoticed.