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  1. Cassin Blade Runner NWT $180 Grivel G20 used, just returned from A Nice Screw sharpener, so super fresh points $120 Patagonia Black Hole pack NWT $120 Maxim Unity half rope 8.0 mm x 70m NWT $100 I would prefer to sale locally in Seattle, also traveling across the state for the holidays. Call or text 208 six40 055four
  2. The weekend before last I topped out on the route, and found a few alpine draws lying on the ground. Two08 six40 055four
  3. Cool, thanks for the info. I'll have to pick some shit up on the way home. I think my skins need a good wash too.
  4. Thanks Jason, I read your TR last night. Good info. My poor ski bases are already saturated in sap or pollen or whatever the hell it is. I'm going to try a paper bag or cotton T shirt between my waxing iron and base to draw it out. Did it seem like the steeper sections of snow and ice will be firm enough to front point and sink bomber tool placements?
  5. I'm going to attempt the North Ridge of Baker, with a ski descent this weekend. Any current conditions update or relevant beta would be appreciated.
  6. Would like to buy a BD Whippet or similar ski pole/ice axe aperatus. I live and work in Seattle, I go north to Bham a bit. 2086400554
  7. I'll take some pics. I didn't see your CL post. 2086400554
  8. Looking for TLT6 or similar in 28.5 or 28 208 640 0554 Living in Seattle
  9. I'm wondering what I'll find on the route for snow to melt. If anyone has climbed it recently, please chime in.
  10. I'm looking for a skiing and/or climbing partner for the next three weekends. I live in Seattle, but will be in Bham this weekend and would like to do something at Baker or the North Cascades. 208 640-0554
  11. Black Diamond Method AT ski boots, size 28.5 mondo, $170. Available for pickup in the Seattle area. Call or text 2086400554 I guess pics are available by request...
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