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  1. FS- brand new pair petzl nomics....

    hey larry, still waiting for your paypal details. i sent you an email already. Ken
  2. FS: New With Tags Hilleberg Nallo 3 GT

    is it red or green?
  3. FS: New With Tags Attached Men's Arc Teryx Beta AR

    colour? size? photo?
  4. Hilleberg Nallo 4GT tent for sale

    sent you an email Brad.
  5. Alpine bivy sack

    I've got a Mountain Hardwear Direkt 2 I am pretty happy with, but sometimes for those fast and light climbs I prefer my rab ascent bivi which weighs 525g (18.5 ounces) if you take out the removable bug net. It is just so much easier finding a flat spot to lay out a bivi than it is to find space for a tent footprint sometimes. Ive had about 8 different bivies and they have all had massive amounts of condenstaion except the epic and eVent ones. The epic ones however leaked like a sieve when the thunderstorms started rolling in and Ive been pretty happy with the Rab ascent so far.
  6. bibler i-tent

    PM sent
  7. recommendations for a 30L - 40L pack

    Thanks for everyone's input. I've been eyeing HMG's ice pack after Ive been pretty happy with their non climbing version HMG ice pack I'm from Australia where $500-600 hiking packs are common. Nearly everyone here uses macpac or one planet http://www.macpac.com.au/shop/en_au/gear-and-clothing/packs/packs-trek But it seems like cilogear are hands down the concensus winner here. Never heard of them before in my part of the world. I like the look of those figure four packs too - similar to a mchale. Many people here seem to have a smaller pack and a slightly larger pack. Ive already got 9 hiking packs but to get started in alpine climbing, probally best option is to go a smaller cilo and a slightly larger one in another brand like the figure four or something.
  8. I'm after a alpine pack in the 30-40L range. I have been looking at the black diamond page and as a newbie, kind of bewildered by the range available. has anyone had experience with the black diamond speed, axiom or axis packs, or can recommend any other packs in this 30-40L range? any particular features to look for other than crampons + ice tool attachments? and do people find 30L enough for those 1 day alpine assaults with emergency bivy gear or is 40L more recommended? All comments greatly appreciated!
  9. mh- Direttissima vs mh- South Col 70

    The pack didnt come with any instructions so I had trouble attaching crampons onto these packs. Most my other packs have shock cord webbing on the back for crampons but these just have 2 horizontal straps, and i had the feeling the crampons can easily fall out. how do people attach crampons onto these packs?