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  1. Looking for Climbing Partners

    I am going to knock out Ives Peak and Old snowy in the Goat Rock wilderness Sun/Mon if you want to come along. Its about 16 miles round trip. I will be sleeping up at like 7000 feet and then hitting the summit on Monday morning. If me up if you want to go there. If not, I am always looking for a crew during the winter to skin up some mountains and get some lines. Cheers!
  2. South Sister conditions

    Exactly the info I wanted. Thanks a bunch!!
  3. South Sister conditions

    Anyone know more recent activity in August? The snow still level still at about 6000 feet? Are the camp spots at Lewis glacier and the summit still under complete snow?
  4. Thanks for the info. I'll have to pull up the topo for that route as I am not all all familiar with going that way to reach Goat lake and Old Snowy. I am debating if I should bring my splitboard or just boot it in or snowshoes. Looks like sun in the forecast for Sun-Mon. Ill post some info. on the trip if we end up going. Thanks again.
  5. I was wanting to go into the Goat Rock wilderness on Sunday and spend the night and bag some peaks. Anyone been up through the Goat Rocks Wilderness in the last week or so. I am assuming that there is quite a bit of snow. Anyone know if the snowgrass trail is still all covered in snow?
  6. Current Mt Hood South Side Conditions

    what a bummer you never found your headlamp. I think I was the person that lent you mine. Great 4th of July climb. Happy summer!
  7. Mt Hood

    Im heading up Sunday night for a summit push Monday morning. Curious if anyone had to skin or snowshoe up or if the snow pack was good enough to just boot it up.
  8. Mt Hood Sunday

    I emailed you with my cell phone number on the forum email.
  9. Mt Hood Sunday

    The weather looks like it is opening up for a Sunday morning summit. Im down to go. Are you going to skin up or bring snowshoes? Were you thinking about spending the night Sat night up on the mountain or do the whole push on Sunday morning?
  10. Mount Saint Helens Conditions?

    Im going to go check out Mt Hoods south route early morning Sunday. Ill do some pits and my gut and see what the verdict is for a summit bid. Good luck and enjoy the digging. I hope you get a chance. Looks like clear skies Sunday.
  11. Mount Saint Helens Conditions?

    I really hope you mean avalanche beacons, a probe, and a shovel. All a gps system will do will find you dead body.
  12. Mount Saint Helens Conditions?

    I am going up hella early Sun to try to summit. I will be doing some pit tests. I'll let everyone know my results and if it was a go for going past the timberline. Doesn't look like its going to work out though. In regards to crampons, bring them, you will need them for above 7500 feet. I got my new Black Diamond Neve aluminum crampons. Stoked to use them!
  13. yeah the forecast does look really grim for the weekend. Looks like Ill have to try the next weekend. I like to sleep at the T-line to get a super early start to the climb. If conditions look good for the next week and anyone is down for the climb let me know.
  14. Looking for a partner to climb the soute route this weekend if the weather and avy conditions permit.Anyone down?
  15. Mount Saint Helens Conditions?

    My friends keep on bailing on my for the worm route climb due to lack of equipment and funds to do the route at this time. Anyone down for to try an early morning Monday trip next week up to the summit or a Sun night to the t-line and Monday morning push?