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  1. I have a black diamond venom adze 64 cm for sale. I bought it last year thinking I would need it for more technical climbing but I ended up not planning a trip that required it. It has Never been used. I will upload pictures tomorrow, until then here is a link to the exact same black diamond venom. Feel free to text me whenever (206-778-1033). I cant talk on the phone until after 530 most days, but I can respond to text messages. Also, my name is Greg! http://www.amazon.com/Black-Diamond-pick-Venom-black/dp/B000B88IXC/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1372833185&sr=8-1&keywords=black+diamond+venom
  2. Any new updates about this? I was planning on going some time this summer as well!
  3. My fiance has started to express some interest in my outdoor activities (YAAAAY). She wants to go hiking and take a closer look at mt baker and I was thinking the heliotrope trail would be a good place to go. The only problem is she does not have a TON of hiking experience so I am a little nervous about stream crossings, most notably grouse creek. Has anybody been up there the past week or two? How bad is it? Any other input about the condition of this trail? I have not been up there this time of year before (never earlier than late august). Thanks for your input!
  4. New without tags (when you see it in person it will be obvious). I can take pictures if anybody is interested, I am just checking to see if there is interest at this price. I am not in a hurry to sell. If you are interested please feel free free to contact me or e-mail me (below). sobotkg@gmail.com
  5. Just make sure you have the ability to melt enough water and stay warm at night. Super dumb mistake me and my friend made last year. We had a lot of camping experience but not much experience "up in the mountains" (It felt that way for us because we were the only ones with permits to go up that night). It is not technical but can be made super miserable if you do not have the right equipment. For the south side the right equipment would be a decent insulating layer at night, enough food, and water. Other than that, just make sure you stay on the trail and you should be okay. Just be safe and have fun. It is really pretty there!
  6. I was just wondering if anybody on here has a neurological disorder or major health condition that impacts their climbing? I am lucky enough to have both asthma and a spinal cord injury (transverse myelitis) that makes getting in shape extremely difficult (mostly just the spinal cord injury as my asthma gets better with exercise). At times it seems impossible but I keep at it. I finally figured I would look for somebody else who has had to deal with similar issues and has advice?
  7. I will be taking a picture of it later tonight. It is brand new, never been worn (other than to try it on). It is a size large, Mango color. $170 shipped, $160 if you pick it up in person (Bellingham, WA).
  8. Was the ridge as scary as some of the pictures make it seem? That is the only thing that kind of makes my stomach drop a little bit. My only experience so far has been on Adams and around Baker national forest (nothing serious just winter travel).
  9. I was just wondering what the summit ride is like? I have seen a few videos and it looks different in all of them. This video is from earlier in the season and I am assuming it is due to lack of foot traffic (less defined path).
  10. Oh and I know that you need to bring in general anyways! And my climbing partner has previous experience.
  11. I decided to go for Mt hood in June and mt Adams early July. I do not know much about Mt Hood other than the fact that the Hogsback is the "easiest" route possible. I ahve also been reading a ton of reports saying the pearly gates are fairly technical this year and that 2 tools and rope are absolutely necessary. I am not apposed to this exactly but I feel like I have a limited amount of energy (explained at bottom of post) and do not want to over commit myself and burn out for the season early June. I ahd read about an alternate path from the hogsback that is less technical but I dont know what its called? From what I understand you have to traverse to the left of the pearly gates. (I have had to neck fractures from accidents and a neurological disorder, after a certain amount of strain I have to call it quits for the season or I will seriously pay for it. I am working with a specialists and seeing a sports medicine doctor all who say I should be fine to do what I plan on doing.)
  12. Thank you! ! ! Last year I did not bring enough fuel for water, was sick, and hurt my back all at the same time. THe perfect storm of failure.
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