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  1. I recently had my MSR plastic snowshoes stolen from my car. I've still got the pair of tail extensions and they can be yours for $10. Please contact me at jeffstrt@frontier.com
  2. size euro 25 reasonably good condition these are light! $100 contact me at jeffstrt@frontier.com please The orange boots are the ones... better photos coming soon!
  3. In good condition $100 Please contact me at ... jeffstrt@frontier.com
  4. I'm interested in the bindings... give me a call 425-827-2850
  5. Still in great condition as of Sunday Jan 5th.
  6. I walked out to Death Picnic this sunday morning (Dec 30). The climb is pretty much gone, desperate. Based my understanding of water feed for that climb works it's unlikely to reform this season. Found some other fun small stuff to play along the way thou.
  7. Anybody get up there this weekend?
  8. I was there yesterday (saturday dec 28) and it's still in pretty dam good condition.
  9. I took a long walk around the alpental valley and snow lake on xmas eve. Flow reversal looked quite similar to earlier conditions but perhaps a wee bit scrappier The same for Resistance is Futile but that seemed less appealing with more snow covering it. The Source Lake Line (around the corner to the climbers right) had ice from top to bottom but from my vantage point (not very close) looked sporty thin, could use some fattening up for us mere mortals. And for anyone considering the first complete ascent of Slot Machine down on snow lake you might want wait... the 30m crux curtain is only halfway formed and dam thin. Sorry, no photographs this time... I'm getting lazy.
  10. Brand new, still has tags $190 contact me at my email address please jeffstrt@frontier.com
  11. Gerry and I linked up both climbs yesterday as Doug suggested might be possible. What a blast! my photos on facebook Heading up the 2nd pitch of "Resistance is Futile" Heading up the 2nd pitch of "Flow Reversal"
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