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Surviving the Snow for Beginners

Critter Hampton

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Do you think mountains are female or male?

mountains are cold - distant - unloving - best features are their large conical shapes - quick to kill any man who takes them for granted...


dunno...too hard to tell :)

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Oly, would you consider a summer weekend backpack trip to one of those Enchantment Lakes to be the ultimate act of cool?


If the ultimate act of cool is meant to be fun then yes, because that sounds like fun. I like the Enchantments, but I'm just bummed out by the permit system. What, do they think nature will break if we get too many people back up in there? Heck no, that granite is hard! Imagine camping with a herd of 400 people up in there on a hot summer night. How fun would that be? They would have to create a permit system for fun, because the fun would be too much. Then you'd need a fun permit lottery system. And of course some bureaucracy to back that up.

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