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Leavenworth conditions


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I was on February Buttress on Sunday. Conditions were beautiful, the south-facing rock is getting a lot of sun. It looks like this coming weekend is shaping up to be just as nice there too.


February Buttress is half-visible from the 76 gas station, it's the dry rock gently sloping from the right.



This is where the 1st pitch of Ground Hog Day starts:



Ground Hog Day, viewed from the side



This is where Aquarius starts. Notice the bolt on the face? Neither did I at the time.



To start Aquarius, stand where our rope touches the ground here:


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Yep its early Spring-like Conditions out there. South facing slopes fairly dry..cold in the am tho, 26F currently at my house, southeast of town, in the shade.


The Ski Hill is now closed for the season due to lack of Snow.

I hope we get a bit more snow, the Leavenworth Winter Sports Club x-c trails have been superb.

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Hi Everyone,


Thinking to head up from Portland this weekend. Has anyone been up on Dragontail/Colchuck. What kind of conditions are to be found out there? Hoping to do either Dragontail or Serpentine...


Or perhpas Ingalls Peak - is it possible to access the trailhead?


Thanks all,


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It's still winter up there. Road is still gated pending final snowmelt as well as the USFS needing to saw down dangerous forest-fire snags along the trail to 8-mile lake.


You will not suffer crowds on serpentine arete.

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