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  1. [TR] Mount Stuart - North Ridge 6/3/2016

    The official range is much higher with the #4 camelot though. So it's covering the range of at least two tri-cam sizes. At least from the official sizes on the respective websites.
  2. Possible Fatality on Aasgard Pass 6/5/2016

    His body has not yet been recovered?
  3. [TR] Mount Stuart - North Ridge 6/3/2016

    If I had to lead the OW gendarme pitch with only a massive tricam I would have bailed into the gully too! ;P
  4. I left two crazy stout draws with steel locking carabiners on the rope end at the Mountaineers outdoor wall Sunday. If anyone picked them up please let me know!
  5. Free climbing etc. magazines

    I also PMd about Alpinists. Will pick up anytime! maybe me and linneus can split'em or maybe he'll need ones I don't.
  6. Metolius Magnum Crash Pad

    PM sent
  7. Kautz conditions/Descent plans

    Ben have you seen the Nisqually right now? I'm with Kurt. It's crazy ATM. No WAY I would try and dodge my way through there right now. It looks like Dantes inferno
  8. FS: Cams, Mythos, Helmet

    Cams were sold. Shoes and helmet still available
  9. FS: Cams, Mythos, Helmet

    Bump. I'll throw the helmet in for free if someone wants the shoes! Make me an offer on the shoes.
  10. Rainier ascent record attempt

    I did DC with my wife yesterday. The route is in great shape, being meticulously maintained by the guide services. However, it is very long distance-wise this year.
  11. FS: Cams, Mythos, Helmet

    Hey folks, I am cleaning out the gear closet and have the following items for sale: Metolious Power Cams Numbers 5, 6, 7, and 9 - $150 - SOLD! I sent these out for re-slinging and maintenance by Metolius they came back looking brand new! Would like them to go to a new home where they will be used! These 4 cams and a set of BD nuts should get you up most basic alpine climbs in the region. Buy these and go climb the tooth! La Sportiva Mythos Size 45 - $80 - OBO These I bought at REI garage sale. They looked BRAND NEW when I bought them. They are too big for me. I wore them up Prussik Peak once and they are still looking sparkling. Petzl Ecrin Roc – Make me an offer Sad to see this go. This helmet has been up many peaks and routes! Should still serve for years to come. Great loaner if you need to lend one out. Indestructible. Thanks for looking! -Adam
  12. [TR] Prusik Peak - SG, BS, BC, new route, 6/13-5

    A 3 cam bail anchor! That's quite the find!
  13. Protect Early and Often

    Haha. Where was this?
  14. Stuck cam on Aires at index.

    You can rap down into the chimney pretty easily. Should be a pretty easy bit of work..
  15. Logging at Index Lower Town Wall

    There was a ladder there? A bolt ladder or an actual ladder? I have never considered that chimney as unsafe... I haven't climbed it in a little while though as I generally prefer sandy corner or the first pitch of aries, which are both great ways to access that area.. Has it become more loose in the last year?