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  1. Leaving from Yakima Friday night, have car and places to stay. Looking mostly in 11 and 12 range, but happy to belay anyone on whatever. Laid back guy that just loves climbing, pm me or respond with a # and we will make it happen. Cheers, Sam
  2. I missed seeing in by about 10 minutes and have heard second hand that both members in the party were struck by a 4x2 chunk of stone and both broke a femur and one had some head injuries. I had a buddy onsite that didn't know what climb it was on, but said that the rock was covered in chalk. I would be curious if someone knows the actual route they were on as there is not too much loose stone on the climbs.
  3. As of earlier this week there was quite a bit of snow and a running creek about a mile or so before Nada lake, turning into constant snow between Nada and Snow Lakes, still able to get up there for those keen to do so.
  4. Its a mixed route called Chasing Amy and goes at 10 d.
  5. Bouldering up at forestland was good on Sunday. Just had a little snow on the approach, but bare ground and dry rock up at the boulders.
  6. Hi there, Recently got a new gig in the Leavenworth/Wenatchee area and am looking for a rental. Anyone looking to or know someone looking to rent a house, cabin, room or whatever please drop me a PM. I do have a dog and would like a fenced yard. Looking to move December to early January will sign a year lease, deposit etc. Cheers
  7. Yikes! Glad to hear everyone made it out ok. I did the route two weeks ago and was curious, which block came off. Is it at the end of the handcrack right after a finger crack in a left facing corner that starts off from a nice ledge? I almost pulled a monster off right there and nearly sh*t myself then ended up dropping my three and gunning for it. Curious if that block is now gone and you didnt happend to find a #3 c4 along with way?
  8. Try the CWU rock gym, or if you dont have any luck there, I am in Yakima and know a some people that are usually looking to get out.
  9. And the closure in the Tieton is not in effect currently.
  10. sws

    New Girl

    Hello, I am also in Yakima and get out climbing a fair bit. I just sent you a PM, get in touch with me and I should be able to help you out with most of your questions. Sam
  11. We were in KY for a good portion of October and had varied temps from the high 60's to snow one day. Because of the steepness you can climb in a down pour. Averages temps during the trip were probably in the 50's
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