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  1. for sale Assorted gear for sale

    Located in Winthrop, Wa. Buyer pays for shipping/handling
  2. for sale Assorted gear for sale

    Montbell shell overmittens - Men’s size M/L - $20 -like new condition, worn once Diamir Freeride bindings - $60 -lighty used, include all pieces/attachments Brooks Cascadia Running shoes - Men’s size 9.5 - $45 -great condition, worn just a few times, tread barely worn RedCamp lightweight alcohol burning stove - $10 -used once Hodgman Neoprene waders - Men’s size M - $30 -knee pad needs to be stitched, otherwise like new NRS Hydroskin long sleeve short - Men’s size M - $75 -Worn 3-4 times, like new condition Stohlquist Dry suit with liner - size M/S - $30 -rubber gaskets and chest zipper need replacement, otherwise good condition La Sportiva Piton rock climbing shoes - Men's size 9 $15 -great crack climbing shoes, recently resoled, good condition, classic Scarpa Rock climbing Shoes Womens size 8.5 - free -toe rubber cracking Email and I can send photos: dkatz12090@gmaildotcom Thanks
  3. Wondering if anyone has been up to the enchantments in the last few days and has any info on conditions. Heading in for a few days next week and looking to climb whatever snow/ice/rock routes that are in good condition. I imagine the n. ridge of stuart still has some snow here and there? Thanks all!
  4. Sherpa glacier decent question

    Great, thanks so much! We'll be coming down Stuart on the N side, whether it is Sherpa Glacier, NW Buttress Rap, etc, since we'll be camping at stuart lake. Curious to see what the conditions are like on the n side this time of year
  5. Sherpa glacier decent question

    Also, looking for the Sherpa descent description by Hirst and Martin but cant find it.
  6. Sherpa glacier decent question

    Is there any detailed information on the northwest direct buttress descent (e.g. number of raps, length, etc.)?
  7. http://www.scarpa.com/maestrale Brand new boots out of the box, never worn due to a back injury. Check out the photos below. Live in NE Portland and would love to sell before Thanksgiving. $475 OBO. Make me an offer! Send me an email with questions/your phone number if you are interested. Thanks so much! Drew
  8. Scarpa Meastrale AT Boots 27.5 (never worn)

    Ok. Leaving town in a few days and need to get rid of these. New offer: $395 OBO Thanks! Drew
  9. Curious - why did you get turned back? Will be headed to Bear Mtn via Sumas crossing soon. Any advice?
  10. Rappelling Off Inspiration Peak - 2 Ropes Needed?

    would like to know this answer to this as well! Thanks in advance
  11. Slesse pocket glacier status

    Hey all, Is a 4WD and/or high clearance needed in order to get to the trailhead for climbing Slesse? Also, if coming from the south, which border crossing do your recommend? Thanks! Drew
  12. Hi all, Heading up to the Methow next week, Mon-Sun. I will be staying at the hostel in Winthrop and working most mornings, but hoping to get out on some climbs (goat wall, wa pass, etc) in the afternoons. Rock, snow, etc... all good! Might be able to take a day or two off as well. If anyone wants to go out, go ahead and send me an email dkatz12090@gmail.com Thanks! Drew
  13. Hey everyone, Headed to Yosemite at the end of May to do my first big wall climb (Salathe) and hoping to hone some skills before I go down. Live in Portland, and happy to practice locally (gorge), or head down to Smith on the weekends... If anyone has big wall experience and wants to practice, let's meet up! best, Drew
  14. Thanks so much - Paisano-Burgundy was what I was thinking. Never been up there before, looking forward to it (hopefully it will dry up some!) Thanks for the visual beta - Great photos!
  15. Hey there, looks like a fun day out. Thinking to head up there this week and was wondering if you got a look at any of the rock conditions up there? Did it look like snow had melted off most of the rock faces (north/south sides?), or were there still significant patches of snow? Thanks so much!
  16. Prusik

    Thinking to do an early season climb of the south route on Prusik this weekend. Anyone been above Asgard recently? Would it be a mess to do without skis? What are the chances the the cracks on the south side are relatively dry? Any beta/thoughts would be much appreciated! See you out there this weekend Drew
  17. New to the area and would love to climb at Value Village but can't seem any info on it anywhere? Is there a map, list of climbs? Thanks everyone!
  18. New to the area and would love to climb at Value Village but can't seem any info on it anywhere? Is there a map, list of climbs? Thanks everyone!
  19. Leavenworth conditions

    Hi Everyone, Thinking to head up from Portland this weekend. Has anyone been up on Dragontail/Colchuck. What kind of conditions are to be found out there? Hoping to do either Dragontail or Serpentine... Or perhpas Ingalls Peak - is it possible to access the trailhead? Thanks all, Drew
  20. Fall Sale! - Backpacks

    Cerro Torre Delta 65 (orange) - used only a handful of times. This is an older pack/model, but very versatile (best for long backpacking/backcountry climbing trips) $65 + shipping Black Diamond Speed 30 (size small) amazing pack, just a bit too small for me. Have only used it 3-4 times. Great condition. You can read more on the pack here: http://www.blackdiamondequipment.com/en-us/shop/mountain/packs/speed-30-pack and review here: http://legacy.climbing.com/news/justout/need_for_speed_-_black_diamond_speed_30/ (note: i have the brain of the pack - just to lazy to put it on when taking the picture =) $95 + shipping I also have a Sterling 60m 9.2 Nano, NEVER USED. Let me know if you are interested.... Direct message if interested any of the above! Drew
  21. Hi all, Tis the season of clear skies crisp nights, and dry streams. What is the likelihood there will be water below burgundy col this time of year? I've heard rumors of a permanent spring on thr bench somewhere? And what about mt Stuart, n ridge. Any chance that there will be a snow patch around the notch between the lower and upper n ridge? Thanks all! Be sure to get out there before the days get too short! Dres
  22. Excellent! Thanks Oleg. Great info. Most importantly, what is everyone's favorite bivy site near marblemount? =)
  23. Hey Oleg, Great photos and an amusing read. Will be headed up to do the FT Traverse next week hopefully. Just wondering if you can comment on conditions, esp. re: torment approach (SW ridge or face). Did you get a peak at any other parts of the ridge, or the West notch ascent/descent of Forbidden? Thanks so much! Drew
  24. Hey all, Sterling Fushion Nano 9.2 (rated as single and half) Rope 60m Dry coated for sale. I bought it, then decided that I wanted to go with a half rope system instead. The rope was taken out of the package, I coiled it once, but never even brought it outside. http://www.sterlingrope.com/product/0/FN/_/Fusion_Nano Selling for $190, no including shipping (I'm in Portland, OR, and will be passing through Seattle on Monday the 10th) Let me know if you have any questions... Thanks all, Drew
  25. Sharkfin Tower SE Route

    Hey there - Does anyone know if there are bolts these days on the SE Face Route. Is is possible to climb it from bottom up? OR do most rap from the SE ridge route to just do the two pitches (as described by Nelson) - Thinking to head up there mid Sept. Thanks y'all! Drew