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When will Beacon Rock open for climbing?


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Anyone headed out Friday from PDX and want to carpool?




You rang?


I'll go if you bring the beta {that asshole Plaidman never gave me any}. But check out this gig! Woot! http://cascadeclimbers.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topics/1071791/TR_The_Steeple_Coethedral_Area#Post1071791 Oh yeah, I met him to loan out my (hand) drill and forgot to ask for it. Can this be my fault? I think knot. I need to up the anty to a power drill and thus get the free beta I believe. This I will do next time. But Plaidmans a good dude despite being drilless.


Anyway I'll bring: rack rope sandwiches (vegan- fair trade free range all natural and not a drop of spit in them) car, gas, bolt kit with the more power drill, 3 clowns a hula hoop, and a tricycle.


You bring: grateful dead and Fish tape, 3 gallons of Crisco, shoes, harness. :-)


That is all.


I will divine your address from teh angels and be there at 7:15.





I will be eating dinner with some other climbers at 7:15 PM at a nice place this time not the dumpster although they claim to have gotten free tickets to a Lyle Lovette concert that starts at 8pm. Lyle Lovette? I'm like "didn't he sleep with Julia Roberts? ewwwwww". and they're like "free tickets dude" so I'm like "OK then, but I'm giving up a Denali Dave dinner/cookout to hear about this guy banging Pretty Woman, and I think that's not necessarily a good thing".


And he's ugly too. But I digress. As I get hungover.


am, like I said.




oh, forgot to mention, not sharing the sandwiches (vegan- fair trade free range all natural and not a drop of spit in them), so bring a nosh for your self. The real climbers all went off to real climbs and didn't invite us. However, if you could lower yer standards an hold yer nose then I'm sure you can deal and we can tie in with you. I didn't see this earlier as I had to boulder for 15 min. Which I did already!




Looks for my car in the am, its a real cool and awesome converted diesel wagon camper -seen here at the Troutdale factory stores. You can crash anywhere. Even right on the freeway parking strip. Incredible!




I'm currently sleeping on the couch so you need yer own sleeping bag cause I don't roll that way if ya know what I mean. Needs tires too but should make it the 45 miles out there. We could be sleeping on the couch, but as I'm the "Couchmaster", and I borrowed a pass for the parking: it's all good.

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ps, didn't get any beans either. If someone were to spill them, I'd be cookin them right up.


oh oh oh! Signals. Both my shoulders are trashed. Really! So the most important signal isn't "Belay on" or "climbing", but rather "PULL!!!!. This means that you pull up on the rope with every ounce of strength that God gave you, making passage easier for me.


Now, that really is all! 7:15 comes early so go get some sleep, and I want to see a trip report too. I'll sac up and finish this liter of wine so it doesn't have to spoil and make folk feel bad about wasting food. Always thinking of you kids i am.

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