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  1. Some other interests are - South side of Torment (now crowding), and the Northeast Face of Formidable - that new route in the latest Green Beckey guide looks ok. What's up? Nobody wants to climb
  2. Would like to climb Buckner via NF or Couloir, or maybe something else like Dome Peak. I am not checking back here so if interested call 425 501 6255. Speed climbers can carry my pack and theirs too.
  3. All beta points to easier. What are you waiting for? A Star magazine update! If you can't get to the bypass then do the direct. I think the notch approach is lame.
  4. Looking to climb something nice. Preferrably something like the North Ridge on Forbidden Peak. Or similar... I am open to ideas as long as I have not done the route before. I am able to leave the from the Seattle area on Friday around 3 PM or even earlier depending on work. I would like to do an overnight trip. I am not into speed climbing. My number is 425 501 6255. If you are not that experienced I don't care as long as you don't complain or ask me a million questions every 5 minutes. Thanks. Dumpster Dinner Specialist PS I hear there is dinner in the dumpster behing most Dominoes Pizza spots.
  5. How could someone just hang from a bolt time and time again and call that climbing?!??! It's called hangdogging and is totally boring to me. Even if I am hanging off of cams it's the same shit. How can you allow yourself to let it be ok to fall?!?!??! It's ok to fall if you know what you are getting into or what the dangers are. But normally I just do it in 3 or 4 tries ground up or come back another day. Yes I do believe my approach is more pure. But that doesn't mean someone else can't do what they want. How can you take the risk to go well beyond your limits on lead?!?!? Climb more. Be willing to take falls. Be willing to run it out if you have good protection and it is safe. If you can't tell climb some more.
  6. Serpentine Ridge is a fun route. The remarks about choss are not really true. I would even say the rock is better than say Forbidden Peak. There are the random loose blocks on the large sections of 4th class like any 4th class section in the mountains. I think the rock is solid where the climbing is steeper. Where the angle drops then just step a little bit more careful so you don't dislodge obvious blocks on the parties behind you. I do recommend helmets up higher if you are climbing in such a large group. Bring your route finding beacon and enjoy. The approach and descent are usually not without snow. The degree of the slope will vary depending on the year. Just bring some crampons and or an axe and you should be okay.
  7. http://lists.essential.org/pipermail/cong-reform/2000/000008.html I guess if you're not a repub you can get 4 million bucks more and no criticism.
  8. April Fools tower taken by fools that did not walk over and climb the tower. Right
  9. I believe it was Philfort's girlfriend that left a pretty trashy letter to Greg up there. Since Greg was one in the party he opened it up. Wow Philfort do you have a Soap Opera drama life and girlfriend. Adios!
  10. We should have it at Dejavu showgirls.
  11. That website link is gay. The site is slow as fuck. Just post the details here why dontcha
  12. I think you misunderestimate the value of the word "irregardless". Irregardless I will use it anyway. This website is not casual writing and everything here is subject to scrutiny.
  13. For those that need more texture the dingleberry flavor is right here I feel for ya
  14. Is this the new evolution of gu
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