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  1. hey, I have a cool avatar, how do I get to work on the forum. Can the Avatar selection page in my profile access "My Documents" or does the image have to be on the net. Any tips?
  2. originaly posted by Offwidthclimber: --------------------------------------------------OMG! several seasons!?!? can i have your autograph? have you published any ice climbing books yet? -------------------------------------------------- whats the deal with this statement? have YOU published any books? if not, do try to keep your "pie hole" shut. Knowbody here is looking for those kind of remarks, not from you.
  3. Tyrone_Shoes

    You guys suck

    cont. I really touched a nerve on my first post didn't I OFFWIDTHCLIMBER?
  4. Tyrone_Shoes

    You guys suck

    Offwidthclimber, I suggest you make an appointment with your family Dr. Get him to prescribe you some medication to control your high blood pressure, you really have a fuckin problem my man. When you get a little older, you're gonna have to watch that. I suggest cutting down on the salty foods also. Moreover, is MattP your girlfreind?
  5. When I was 13 I reloaded a hand grenade with gun powder emptied out from my dad's shotgun shells and pluged the end with epoxy resin. The grenade was originaly hollowed out for display purposes (sold at an army surplus store). Of all things I used firecracker fuses taped together to ignite it. One night, in the front yard I decided to light it in an old tool box to blow it up. The firecracker fuses were undependable (go figure?) and appeared to have gone out. At this point my mom and dad then drove up the driveway, got out of the car and walked towards the house only to discover the curious glowing toolbox. They began to walk towards the box, unaware that a MarkIIA1 "Pineapple" Grenade had a 10m kill radius! They got within 8m before I sprang from a nearby drainage ditch, yelled "Grenade!" while hurling myself on top of the old tool box. The grenade went off. I lost my entire lower torso... While waiting for the amblulance, the neighbors dogs were nipping at me. I was awarded the Purple Heart.
  6. Tyrone_Shoes

    You guys suck

    RoB Bob, is that Bill Murray from "Stripes" re avatar?
  7. Tyrone_Shoes

    You guys suck

    Bla...Bla...Bla...Bla...Bla...Bla...Bla...Bla... Matt P, Hypocrite, look it up... Try to find an internet forum that doesn't have useless spray peppered throughout. Not sure if you know but this websight has gone as far as alocating a place for this shit. It's actually called "Spray" If you don't like it or want to participate then "see ya later" but don't step in front of an already moving freight train cuz you’ll get run over. People enjoy beak'n off to each other, I look forward to Trasks spicy replies. It's fun. So don’t' tell me you don't tune in for the same reason. I've seen your replies, YOU PARTICIPATE, like many of us. Know body likes a hypocrite. If beta is what you seek, then ask away in the appropriate category and run the info through the sieve.
  8. Very fitting, this forum is like an animal farm...
  9. Please be advised that Trask wants to motion that all of us start writing grammatically correct sentences with no spelling errors. He advised me of this earlier in one of his postings. So be sure to filter everything through spell-check prior to posting, he's quite sharp. Thanks Trask, your command of the language is really something we should all strive for.
  10. Thanks for the update Trask…”your, and you’re”…got it. Question? Are you writing grammatically correct sentences with no spelling mistakes starting on your next post? Or are you going to start doing this on the post after that? Maybe you should take a look at your spelling and grammar all over this forum, or should I quote them for you? Trask, have you ever painted yourself into the corner of a room?
  11. Reinhold was arrested last year for stealing car stereos, he was reported to have said that he was raising money for his next expedition. I guess he lost the Fila account... (just kidding Mr. Messner)
  12. It does stink when your forced to clean up the language at times. I wonder how Trask does it? Dispite that, I'm sure the presentation went well. ...I think I will stick with the pig.
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