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Q: What do Bruce Willis and Charlie Sheen have in common?


A: They were both big in the 80s and now Ashton Kutcher is filling in their old slots...




Anyone catch the rest of the Charlie Sheen roast? Pretty F'n funny. Mike Tyson and William Shatner were great.


"Charlie, after all the abuse you've given your lings, liver and kidneys I can't believe the only thing you've had removed is your children". Kate Walsh.

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Einstein hands out the copies for the final exam. One of the eager beavers in the front row looks at the exam and blurts out: “but professor, the questions were the same last year”.


Einstein responds “ah yes, but this year, the answers are different”.

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Prince Charles goes to Saskatchewan to make a speech. During the speech he is wearing a fox hat. At the conclusion of the event HRH is approached by a reporter and is asked, "Why are you wearing that fox hat." He replied, "When I told the Queen I was going to Saskatchewan," she said, "Saskatchewan! Where the fucks at."

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