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Have any of you ever effed up your neck?


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My neck started hurting while I was training for my McKinley climb....


Climbing Denali with a heavy ass pack/ sled didn't help it at all.


I've spent my summer hiking/mountain biking/rock climbing....


I just climbed Shasta last week and the pain got a little worse....



I'm only 22!!! FUCKKKKK

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I started having back trouble in my early 20's. I used to jump off cliffs/bridges into local rivers back then before taking up more sane activities such as mountain climbing. Acquired two disc compressions when, after a day of partying jumped off a cliff on the lewis river and hit a rock shelf feet first... I'll still jump off a cliff once in a while. Some people never learn. ;-)


My advice is to go to a real Doc and get it checked out. Chiro may be the way but get it checked out first.


If you take care of it now you'll have a lot of good climbing, or cliff jumping? in your future. The pain may remain but will be more manageable down the road...


That's how it was/is for me anyways.



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I have messed mine up a few times, last time was jumping out of moving flying things into the water and landed wrong. Probably the worst yet. Pinched or compressed something a few times doing ruck marches with 100lb + packs. Have also messed it up lifting in the gym. The best thing to do is figure out how you messed it up. Did you compress something in your spine, pull a muscle, strain a tendon or jam something? Get to the doc and have them figure out what the best course of action is.

I've used a chiro, a physical therapist, message therapist and lots and lots of motrin. Just have to match the treatment to your injury.

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My experience with "whiplash" injuries has been that it slowly got better and I could not clearly tell if any particular treatment helped. I've been through it twice, once from a car accident and once from skiing, and I did everything possible to heal: steroid injections into the spine, physical therapy, shiatsu, acupuncture, massage, drugs, ice, generally laying low, etc. etc. In the case of the auto accident I had much better insurance coverage and more options.


A training injury may be different somehow, but I bed I'd follow the same approach: I'd try anything and everything.

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I'm 62 and have messed up back (multiple times), knees, neck, shoulder. Still climbing, though. Things got better when I quit road biking all the time (that position just ain't right, despite being "fitted" on the bike) and when I started a light weights program. I don't lift heavy, just fairly light weights and lots of reps. Eat right, use common sense and get lots of rest if things start hurting. At our age, you're probably better already!

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i'm super busy and between two big trips, but I'll try and chime in. Not being a "real doctor" it shouldn't matter much. Besides whatever info you find out, be sure and look into your shoulders, and your upper back/scapula - the joints and the muscles. Look at improper movement patterns and posture too. and yes i have seriously f'ed up my neck and it sucks since it takes a lot of rehab and for some reason neck exercises and stretches make me queasy when I'm done.


whoever you see:

chiropractor: neck adjustment won't "fix" it

massage: tight muscles are tight because of something you are doing - massage won't "fix" it

MD - pills will not fix it. surgery can, but not for most conditions.

P.T. - exercises and streches are great, but only if the underlying problem is address. 2nd caveat: injured tissue doesn't respond well to exercises and stretches unless you are out of the pain/inflammation stages which can last longer than the 24-72 hours defined as the "acute/inflammation" stage...like years longer.

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First time I fucked up my neck, shiatsu put everything back. Second time I had some pretty severe tingling in my fingers, etc which is a sign of nerve impingement. Like a dumbass I went to a chiro who nearly paralyzed me. CT Scan showed two ruptured discs pinching my spinal cord nearly in half.


Get it checked out.

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I'm just coming back from about six months of wretched neck pain, which all started with a minor crick in the neck, back around Christmas. (I guess I'm lucky that up to now never really understood what the phrase "chronic pain" meant.)


YMMV, of course; I tried massage, naturopathic massage+manipulation, huge doses of Advil, and accupuncture, but it was the cortisone shot in the neck after a diagnostic MRI that finally put it right for me.


At the risk of trashing an entire profession, I wouldn't trust my spine to a chiropractor.

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