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  1. Black Diamond Cobras and Cyborgs

    I have a brand new never swung (taken up Lane Peak once, but never left my pack) set of Black Diamond Cobra ice tools (hammer/adze). Bought them in late 2010, went overseas a few times and then got moved to North Carolina where there isn't enough ice for me to justify keeping them. The only scuffs/scratches on them are from moving them across the country. I am asking $500 for them, that includes shipping within CONUS. I also have a pair of brand new never used Black Diamond Cyborg's. I am asking $150 for these, that also includes shipping CONUS. I will post pics up soon. Thanks for looking.
  2. Gun Control

    I would assume that you would realize from the current events in CT and CO that random acts of violence occur no matter where you live. I guess you are too fucking ignorant of current events and the real world to see that. Yup no crime anywhere else accept the big city, us dumb small town folk livin' in Mayberry ain't got no crime. Definitely ain't got no tweaked out meth heads out in the country. And as far as me being a racist? Nice one, did you take that out of the MSNBC's play book? (You know, the lefts FOX news) Or did you learn that one from Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, The left's Carl Rove and Rush Limbaugh. Fucking ignorant twat waffle, run along, grown ups were talking.
  3. Home brewing beer

    In light of the other thread that won't fucking die... Anyone in here brew their own beer? I just got a 2.5 gal Mr. Brew kit for Christmas and am hooked. My first batch kind of sucked, it has an apple cider taste to it... It was supposed to be an IPA. Going to try another batch and try to sanitize better though (according to the beer store guy I got a contaminate in there somewhere while fermenting). Next step is to go up to a 5 gallon kit. I love a good double IPA, right now I am really into Hop Czar, and will probably try to replicate that.
  4. Gun Control

    LOL. How about this dude, lets just agree to disagree. We are going in circles here and not changing anyone's mind. I think you are a pussy because you are scared of guns, you think I'm a pussy because I carry a gun. Meh in the end what does it really matter? You defend yourself and your family in whatever way you deem best and I will do the same. I'm tired of posting up facts about guns, you guys clearly don't give a shit. I realize I just shouldn't give a shit about the opinions of a bunch of people on an internet site.
  5. Gun Control

    Here you go phil: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hoplophobia
  6. Gun Control

    The same reason I have a spare tire (which I have never needed) just in case.
  7. Gun Control

    Funny, in PG county in Maryland it is the fucking GHETTO! Right across the Potomac in Northern Va though, it is super rich, nice area full of McMansions. Va, open carry laws, gun friendly, shall issue for CCW. Md and guns? Good luck. typical for areas I have lived in: Fayetteville, NC, black dudes, gold teef Loudoun county VA, soccer moms putting on lipstick in traffic Atlanta, GA, Black dudes, gold teef Dahlonega, GA, white dudes, no teef Modesto, CA Mexican dudes, MS 13 I-5 corridor through Oregon, hippys? what the fuck are those dudes with guitars and backpacks begging for money or rides? Olympia, WA street kids begging for money wearing arc'tryx Yelm, WA skinny white dudes no teeth.
  8. Gun Control

    Prole, Statistically speaking you have a higher chance of being killed in a car crash than you do by being killed by a gun so lets get rid of those too. Or at least make them so hard to obtain that only professional drivers can have them. Not to mention the pollution they put off and their dependence on fossil fuels. Rob, I have had to do a back ground check on every single gun I own, minus one. A Remington 870 Wingmaster I bought from my Grandad when I was 14. The "gunshow" loophole doesn't exist, even at gun shows you have to have a back ground check to purchase a firearm. Currently there are not many states that have a law against private party sales requiring a back ground check. California is the only state I know of actually. With that said, if they institute a back ground check for all gun sales that would include you selling a family heirloom to your son, or you selling a gun to your dad, brother, sister you name it. How would you feel about that? "Hey dad I'll sell you this single shot .22 I have, but have you ever been convicted of a felony? No, cool, sign here and let me fax this to the FBI to make sure you are on the up and up." Do I think that that would do anything to prevent crime? Not really. Criminals aren't really getting their guns from guys like me and you selling to them, they are getting stolen guns. Gangs are targeting police vehicles and homes specifically to get their weapons and body armor, would you propose that they have to turn in their weapons and equipment at their stations after each shift? Would you consider them to be trustworthy enough to keep this type of equipment in their homes? To answer your question, I don't have a solution other than to increase penalties for those that use guns in crimes and for those that are caught with guns that shouldn't have them. As far as registering guns, not 100% clear on that. You fill out a form 4473 with the ATF and the FBI does a back ground check. How long the dealer keeps that form varies state to state. Wa is something like 20 years. As far as me backing down about how I feel about this? Why should I? It is a RIGHT guaranteed to us by our Constitution no different than our freedom of speech so some religious/left wing/right wing asshole can spout off stupidity. I would be a coward if I did cave in, and that shit just isn't in my genes. I don't pretend to believe that any of you are going to start seeing things my way either though so basically we are just bickering on the internet for entertainment.
  9. Gun Control

    Is this real world the one where you make a law and POOF all things are great and everyone rides unicorns?
  10. Gun Control

    I'm not the one who needs a gun to "defend" himself. When my family and I moved from GA to WA in 2008. We stopped in SLC, Utah at a Motel 6 because it was the only place that would allow dogs. We pulled in around 0200 in two vehicles. My then 5 y/o and 9 month old were in my truck sleeping so the wife went in to get our room. While she was in the office, I watched two drug deals go down, and a dude with a hooker pull in and walk to her? room. Well, I wasn't going to stay there, so when the wife walked back out I told her to go get our money back and explained what I had observed. About that time old boy with the hooker comes sprinting out of the room with half dressed hooker in hot pursuit. Guy slides into his car and takes off whilst hooker is beating on his window. All the while, a fat "security guard" with a MAG LIGHT just watches. so wife agrees and goes back in to get our money back. As my wife cleared between the two vehicles and is about 5 yards from them, a big black dude walked past her watching her over his shoulder. As soon as she was inside the office he turned around and made his way toward our cars. When he got to the back of the vehicles between her car and mine, he saw me. I had backed up to the front of the vehicles and now in the light, with my hand on my 1911 but still holstered. The dude stopped dead in his tracks, raised his hands toward me and said, "Wooa dude it's cool, it's cool." He slowly backed up, made a right face and booked it as fast as he could away. That is the only time I have ever possibly needed my gun. When I lived in VA, I got pulled over by a VA State Trooper for speeding. In VA, when you are a CCW holder you have to announce that you are a CCW holder even if you aren't carrying. Well, I wasn't carrying that day because I was going hunting. So, trooper walks up to the truck, I had all of my paperwork out, hands on the steering wheel and vehicle off. Guy asked the normal "why are you going so fast" question and asked for my lic, reg and insurance. I gave it to him, and then told him that I was a CCW holder, but wasn't carrying that day. That is when things got a little weird. Trooper handed me my paperwork back, then proceeded to chew my ass up one side and down the other for not carrying my pistol. "It is your civic duty to carry, you went through the process, carry! I depend on people like you to help me if some crack head is handing me my ass on the side of the road and my back up isn't close." Then he told me to slow down. I would highly suggest you go to your local PD and ask to go on a few ride alongs. I went on 4 or 5 in VA, in the county I was a volunteer fire fighter in. I also went on one in PG county in Maryland I might not ever truly NEED my pistol, but if I ever do I will have it and I will use it to defend myself, my family or others. And if that causes me to receive ridicule from a bunch of leftist nutjob hoplophobes then so be it. But, I will throw a fucking fit (and am) when those people are actively trying to take a tool from me that aids me in defending myself and my family if the day ever comes. I see it no differently than carrying crevasse rescue gear or avalanche transceivers *just in case*.
  11. Gun Control

    You're done. Buh-bye. So let me get this straight... Is cool. But me calling you a pussy (same thing) and now it is "You're done. Buh-bye" Hmmm... more hypocrisy. What next, you going to take your ball and go home?
  12. Gun Control

    Meh, oh well. Seriously though, do you guys get this scared about driving at night or even leaving your apartments? I haven't heard for a big push for a zero tolerance policy for alcohol and driving or lower speed limits. I guess that is just your hypocrisy shining through.
  13. Gun Control

    No, I don't see it. I see a bunch of pussies scared of inanimate objects.
  14. Gun Control

    Who said I was part of the teaparty? You do know that during budget cuts the first place they start cutting is the first responders like the Police and Fire departments?
  15. Gun Control

    Yes, because making guns illegal isn't going to cost a fortune? Who is going to go get them? The Military? The Police? You?