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So where will Kurt Smith climb when he comes to the PacNW?


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Originally posted by RuMR:

I'd like to try great northern slab...worried about the runouts though...


Seriously, what do you want to try?

dont forget chalk for the slab.....it helps with the mental aspect of the runout......train your mind to relax as you dip into the bag..turn your chalk into an escape.....and going off that theroy...looks like someone has been attempting to escape the shit outta the index boulders....thats one thing i dont get...i am fat and weak and only bolder have schnocked...yet i do not need chalk?? sup wit dat shizz??? then again the holds are soooo plastered now, i dont think anyone will ever need chalk there again!!!



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damn...you DO know me!!


whiney -- correct

short -- correct

bitchey -- correct

hangin' on the rope -- correct most of the time...

you left one adjective out...that'd be fat ass...


I'm leaving for family trip to Yosemite on wednesday...but i'd like to get one more day in...work schedule should let me go though...see you there...


Answer me this though...Have we climbed together before and if so where??

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I have met and would generally say I know Mr. Kurt Smith. In fact he loaned me $100 earlier this year in a time of need for me. I would say that in general the "general" is a nice guy that is trying to help climbing. Like everyone he is a man of contradictions. He has bolted many lines in my opinion maybe should have been left as hard trad routes or aid lines but yet he has done a tremendous amount of good for climbing with the access fund. I can say he's climbed some hard shit in the past. More recently he has been climbing little. I guess after climbing for several decades you have the right to take a break. As for you hosers talking about who's the stronger climber. . . well why don't we see who can solo darkness at noon and then you can call Kurty whatever you want.

The Snaffle has spoken [sNAFFLEHOUND]

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Originally posted by 666:

RuMR I have climbed some large walls clean. If I cannot them in this fashion I don't bother with them. Wasn't the bolt ladder installation on an already established climb fuckwad
[Roll Eyes]


Is Kurt Smith your butt buddy

First ascent of The Nose ring a bell, "fuckwad"?


Do you know KS well enough to anonymously slag him on the internet?

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