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Dwayner ain't hostin' nothin, but if Beck wants be the official greeter in Ballard next Tuesday, maybe some of us Tacoma folk will show up. Maybe even pope, just to show that we ain't one and the same. Then maybe Tacoma after that. There's a pattern here: Tacoma, Ballard, Everett, Ballard, Tacoma, Ballard, Everett, Ballard.....because I think most people probably live around Seattle given the turnout from last week, so that's probably a good central locale more of the time. (Dwayner don't wanna host nothin'! Spent too many years organizing club social events for this and that...finally stopped paying membership dues and dropped out!)

- Dwayner

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looks like Ballard is a good spot, How about the Peoples' Pub this time? You should see the tap selection- it is AMAZING!


sure, Lisa, call the B-ham meeting whenever you want to~! the more the merrier!

Thats' alright, Dwayner, I just thought you'd want to, being close to that last Tacoma shindig-

Cavey, where are you drinking tonite? I may not get the answer to this post, hope to see you Tuesday!!


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My righteous alpine brother Beck:

Could you please provide some detailed directions to this "People's Pub" or other suitable establishment (including an address) and even directions from I-5 if you like. M'man Alpine K's directions were far too confusing for me last time, although I appreciated his efforts which allowed me to visit the outskirts of Edmonds.

"People's Pub"...with a name like that, do you need to show your Communist Party membership card at the door, or will they issue you a one-day pass?...I had my fill of that in graduate school! (But if they got an awesome beer selection, they probably aren't real communists, otherwise you'd have to wait in line for an hour to get a sip of whatever one of the comrades manages to dredge up for the evening.)

aloha, Dwayner

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Well, let's see... I don't even know if I can find it (just kidding!) Great euro beer selection and CHEAP TOO which is even more astonishing... Better bring your communist card or your little red book to take full advantage of proletariat prices...

Oh, i think it's 5425 Ballard Ave NW, just off Market Street in Ballard. Tuesday August 7 from 6pm onward.


I-5 north or south take the 45th street exit, head west- keep driving, thru wallingford, continue in the most forwardly direction underneath 99 and continue. this is the top of Fremont, continue forwardly curvy hilly dilly down to Ballard, hence the street turns into Market Street. Drive Market to Ballard Ave. Look to the left. you'll see the sunset tavern and just down from that is Peoples" Pub- I'll be there at 6ish.

Abbreviated directions; I-5 N or S , 45th street exit, head west, keep driving- you'll get to Ballard and Market Streets, look to your left to find the pub

Ya sure you betcha eh!

[This message has been edited by Beck (edited 08-03-2001).]

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Hatties Hat would be about two blocks south of Peoples, at 5231 Ballard Avenue NW.

(Right next door to Peoples is the Sunset, with beer only and live music most nights, and right next door to that is the Smoke Shop which is an old time Ballard-type bar.

Neither of these two places have much in the way of food.)

So is it Hatties? If so, the back room has tables and food is available.

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Thanks Cavey for the legwork, I don't live in Ballard and didn't ckeck it out-

Hattie's hat sounds like a good spot to meet, 5231 Ballard Ave NW - same driving directions for you out of towners

Sorry for the miscall, figured some of our BallardBrethern would have caught it!!

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