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  1. Ted Nugent / My sentiments exactly

    In all your Ted Envy you forgot to mention he paid a nice family in Hawaii a few million dollars to allow him Parental Rights and Congical access to thier cute 16 year old daughter. Its true cause I saw it on VH1....Where are the loosers from the 80s Show! Maybe with one of his Big 4x4 he could drive us up Cascade River road for Winter access to JBerg...and on the way home he could drop off the fresh kill at Good Food to fill our bellies! I'm sure it takes a 45 pistol to shoot those cute little Raccoons. Someone take him to Lake Ozzette on the coast and do some real coon hunting...then give the Indians and the out of work loggers the pelts. Afterwards, if he is not to tired of hunting the coons...I'm sure the Makay tribe needs some help hunting the Whales off the coast!!! The guy is chode...but I still like his music!
  2. dividendz?

    I'm going to get my wife some Fancy Marmot Goretex pants....
  3. joshua tree in march

    Coyote- You are a player....
  4. Goat Mtn

    I was refering to the one near Mt Baker. I will be more specific in the future.
  5. Goat Mtn

    Good Morning All- Does anyone have recent route condition info on Goat Mtn? Is it a snow shoe climb or will ropes be required? Also...any good suggestion where to camp? As the weather is looking good this weekend!!! Thanks in advance.
  6. Climb Brother.....be a legend...leave the cube farm!
  7. Integral Designs bivy sack (unishelter)

    CaveMan- Whats really cool about this one is its a little wider than the standard OR and Bibler Models. So you can roll around and look at the stars after 420......
  8. Friday Pub gathering

    I'll talk with some of the bros...my wife might even be interested in going . She is a climber too....the downside of that Pub is the thick Cigarette smoke.
  9. Friday Pub gathering

    IceGirl....what time at Dexter and Hayes???
  10. Vegetablebelay identity revealed!

    I can second the Germans love Michael Knight......second to John Tesh....as a student in Bonn while on exchange the students would ask......" how many times have I seen them both live?" .....yuk!
  11. Friday Pub Club...

    I second the Dexter and Hayes idea as I live one block away!!!
  12. Skiing in the Olympic Mountains

    The extra six miles in and out sure weeds out the week. We hiked up the Enchanted Valley last November...but we rode our bikes up the road and locked them at the bridge. That place in increadible. The Rosevelt Elk were everywhere!
  13. Skiing in the Olympic Mountains

    Nightfly...I have a story for you. The first time my buddy and I went into the Enchanted Valley we got to the gate and had no bikes. We thought..what the heck...might as well walk! We walked the 6 miles to the trail head. And guess what we found. Ranger Brians car parked at the trial head. We know his name as we ran into him at the Cabin with his Girlie....he showed us around the cabin than sent us back down the trail!.....also he was kind enough to give us raide the last 3 miles back down the road to the gate.
  14. Wine, Beer, or Whiskey?

    I lived in Thailand while I was in College on an exchange program. My host Father would not even drink Mekong River Whiskey....he enjoyed Johnny Walker Black! He told me the "Mekong for crazy Man."
  15. Meet More Babes!

    Maybe you should take your idea to Kavu and test market it at the Fremont Sunday Market???? Even better...take it BIG LOU and he could plaster RMI all over it....thats sure to make the girls swoon!