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  1. For sale is one pair of La Sportiva Women's Lhotse boots. Size 38 which I would guess to be about 6.5 to 7.0 in US women's based on how they fit me when I put them on. I bought these without trying them on at a sale. Asking $160. This pair is about 5 years old on the shelf, but only worn a few times hiking. They have never been wet, never been climbing and have never been treated with any water repellant products. They look like they are your brand new mountain climbing boots that you have worn around a little to start the break in process. I did not wear these enough to mold them to my feet, so they are still fresh for you to do that yourself. La Sportiva does not currently offer this boot in the light grey/silver "Women's" version, but they do offer the standard version and here is a link to the specs. www.sportiva.com/products/footwear/mountain/lhotse-gtx If I still lived in the NW and if these fit me, these would be the perfect boot for climbing around on Glaciers. The tongue design is especially nice on this boot. It would really keep out the snow and has kind of a double tongue that has velcro that connects the two tongues together. There is some light wear/scrape looking mark on one side of one of the boots. Since I have moved 4 times since buying these, I think they just got a little scraped when living in a box with other unused stuff. They would not pass for "new" on the shelf at a store, but this slight scuffing will look totally normal once you do your first climb in them. $160 including free USPS flat rate shipping is a great deal on these since the current version (which is not as nice looking I think in all black!) retails for $437 right now. Since I have had them for so long and got them on sale myself in the $200s range, I don't want to make a ton of money on these but do want to see them do some summits. Shoes are located at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon and I will accept returns for a full refund if you pay to ship them back to me and they come back to me in the same condition that I sent them out in. Here is a link to these boots at Overstock (not being sold there anymore, last price $262 at their site) www.overstock.com/Clothing-Shoes/La-Sportiva-Lhotse-GTX-Wome>>> Intersting they call a Size 38, which is what I am selling a 7. I am not so sure that it would fit all Size 7 wearers. Since this boot is on the Makalu last and is a nicer sturdier boot than the Makulu, I bet that trying on a Makalu in a store would give you a really good idea if Size 38 fits you and Makalu's are commonly available at retailers (for about $300!)
  2. Scarpa Denali AT boots. Size is not marked on boot or shell. But, I wear about a 7 -7.5 (approx Mondo 24-24.5) and these are a touch big for me. Did several seasons in them though. Solid reliable classic boot, good for ski mountaineering. $65. I am currently located in Bellevue and I work in Kirkland. I work extremely long hours so an Eastside meetup will likely be required. Photos: http://i296.photobucket.com/albums/mm174/ephollyb/scarpa_5375.jpg http://i296.photobucket.com/albums/mm174/ephollyb/scarpa_5374.jpg http://i296.photobucket.com/albums/mm174/ephollyb/scarpa_5373.jpg More pictures can be taken if desired.
  3. Bucket of Pitons

    So, you are asking $375 -$500 for this bucket? $5 a pin...good deal. Aid climbers with $500 for a bucket of pins? Good luck! I was interested, but not for that kind of dough! I got my first bucket of pins from an old timer who did a lot of first ascents in the Valley. Every thing I needed to get started (have had to buy very few since then and have done maybe 20 nailups?), lots of unused pins, some cool bongs for nostalgia and an awesome CMI hammer. $75.
  4. Atomic TC 9 Skis - barely used, in great shape. Edges are perfect. Super light skis for backcountry/touring. Have been mounted TWICE, but for a small foot (women's 7.5) and should happily take the next mounting, especially for a bigger foot. Here is a link to the model and some specs. http://idaho-adventures.sierratradingpost.com/p/3074,71229_Atomic-Tc9-Telemark-Skis.html These are sold with NO BINDING and including BD Glide light (blue cow pattern) skins cutto fit which are also in great shape and were used a few times only. $100 or make me an offer. For Seattle area delivery/pickup only.
  5. [TR] K's Spire - Fryingpan Glacier/SW 7/6/2009

    How do you know what rack to recommend if you didn't go the tippy top?

    Here is what I have. If interested, email me at hollyclimber@aol.com or post up. The prices DO NOT INCLUDE shipping from CA. These cams are all available from me in Yosemite. All photos are here: Each photo has a letter assigned that is referenced below. http://s296.photobucket.com/albums/mm174/ephollyb/Cams%20for%20Sale/ Here are the cams: Brand/Cam; Number.; Size in inches; Sling; Photo; Info; $ BD; #.1; 0.4”; Red; W; Camalot from Gen previous to C3; $25. BD; #0.75; 1.25“; None (normally green); C, CC; Camalot U stem with horizontal pull bar on trigger; $20. BD; #1; 1.5-1.75“; None (normally red); D; Camalot U stem with round pull on trigger; $20. Metolius; #5; 1.5”; Black; F; Four Cam Unit; $25. Metolius; #6; 1.75”; Green; G; Four Cam Unit, a little older than the other one I have; $30. Metolius; #6; 1.75”; Green; H; Four Cam Unit; $30. Metolius; #7; 2.0”; Teal/Sky; I; Four Cam Unit; $30. Wild Country; #1; 0.75”; Yellow; J; Have two, one with trigger recently repaired, both newer single trigger; $25. Wild Country; #1.5; 1.25”; Sky blue; K,L,M; Have three with older trigger inside of plastic guard housing; $25. Wild Country; #1.5; 1.25”; Sky blue; N; Newer trigger style; $25. Wild Country; #2.0; 1.5”; Pink; O; Rigid Friend have two; $25. Camp; ??; .75”; Red; R; Four Cam unit Looks like a WC friend 1; $20. HB Flexi Fix; .5; .75”; Yellow; S; Four Cam unit Looks like a WC Friend 1; $20. Unknown; ??; 0.75”; None; U; Appears to be a copy of a WC Friend 1; $20. Unknown; ??; 1.25”; Hand tied purple; V; Appears to be a copy of a WC Friend 1.5; $20. Camp Hexes Set of 5; 6-1 0; Various; Various; T; Excentrics. Sold as a set. Slung on burly 7-8 mm cord; $30. Pink tricam by Camp, .5 size, $10 PS-this is not my regular rack and I am not quitting climbing!
  7. If you have any of these original style HB Offset nuts, as pictured below, I am interested in buying sizes 4,5,6 (yellow, green, blue) for a fair/generous price. Used is fine, as long as the cable strand is not frayed/broken. Also, I would be interested in trading some of the size 2, red, for bigger sizes, as I have surplus red. And I would also trade a green for a blue, as I only have one blue. Contact me at hollyclimber@aol.com
  8. These shoes are pretty new and were worn only a few days. There is some very slight evidence of use on the rubber. The shoe itself is still in that stiff, brand new shoe feeling state. For sale for $80 shipped to you from CA, or best offer. Email me at hollyclimber@aol.com These have been sitting around for 1-2 years. So they don't say "5.10" on the Velcro like todays model...
  9. For sale: Koflach Clima Montana plastic boots. Unused, with a little wear from trying them on and having them around. Stated size on the boot is mens 3.5, UK 3. Will sell these for $60, which includes me shipping them to you from CA. Please email me at hollyclimber@aol.com H
  10. I want to buy this rope bag that BD doesn't have available. I am willing to pay about $40 plus shipping to Yosemite. If you have one of these that you would like to sell, please get in touch with me at hollyclimber@aol.com Here is a link to a site with a picture. http://www.myshopping.com.au/ZM--203500791_Camping_Outdoor_Activity
  11. FS:Arcteryx Gamma LT Alpine Pants New, Size Large

    Bump sold the Gamma AR pants and only Gamma LT Size Mens Large remaining
  12. For Sale: 2 pairs of pants, new with tags. Offering each for $100 (obo) plus actual shipping cost to you (from Yosemite). Gamma AR Pant SOLD Color Titanium Mens Medium Light softshell alpine pant http://www.arcteryx.com/Product.aspx?Mens/Gamma-AR-Pant Retails for $175 Gamma LT Pant AVAILABLE Mens Large Color Black Lightest Softshell pant http://www.arcteryx.com/Product.aspx?Mens/Gamma-LT-Pant Retails for $169 email me at hollyclimber@aol.com
  13. Ride to Yosemite offered, Wed April 1 (not a joke)

    Well, you know, it should have been obvious, but I haven't been on this board lately, so now I know...too bad, as pink is my favorite color.