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  1. Gee wish i could make it, but I won't be home until about 9pm. Been a while since I made it to one of the Tues night gatherings. Hmm.
  2. Hey Eddie E and Dwayner! good to see you guys at Peshastin Pinnacles last weekend. Climbed Saturday at Icicle Creek, then got rained out on Sunday so I ended up at the Pinnacles that day. Anyway, nice bumping into you on the trail. See ya! Julie
  3. I'm going as a Catholic school girl. Plaid skirt, knee hi's, and pig tails. Yeah it's been done already, but what other holiday allows you to dress like a tramp? Heh heh
  4. Hey y'all Don't think I can make it to the big party this weekend. I have to interpret on Saturday afternoon for the School District. I'll TRY to get out there Sat evening, but not sure. You can't tell, but I'm pouting right now.
  5. Beck - I'm planning on being there, but might not be able to show up until Saturday. Moon...- climbing, yes. partying, yes. Female age 32, doesn't mind climbing with all levels as long as they know how to belay properly and safely, yes.
  6. So Beck... there will be a generator after all? Does this mean we can plug in? I have a microphone, stand, and cord. If someone has an amp, I'll bring my voice.
  7. I went camping this weekend at Newhalem. Spent Saturday climbing some of the sport routes there. Climbed a new 5.9, and a very cool 5.11a called Luna Park that completely flamed me out for the 17 bolt 5.10b Cold Beer In The River. Managed 2 of the 3 pitches before calling it quits. What a view!
  8. Hey guys... sorry I missed the festivities last night. Got a bootie call from a hunky dude, and that took precedence over the pub crawlin. At least I know where my priorities are. *Heh heh* Gotta nurse my hickies now... [This message has been edited by dynamite (edited 08-22-2001).]
  9. Hey Beck- I talked to my friends (the band) about the shindig, and they said they'd be interested in playing an acoustic set. They play original rock and roll stuff. Sometimes a cover or two.
  10. Don't pout lambone... I'm not worthy either.
  11. I'd be interested in a Seattle pub club meeting again. Can't do Tacoma though. Dante's is a good place, although I think the Monkey Pub across the street is less "hi I'm a frat boy and I wear my hat backwards" kind of place. Lisa- That psycho stalker guy has a serious problem and sounds dangerous. I'm really sorry you are living in such hell. I lived next door to a real asshole neighbor about 7 years ago. He beat his wife regularly, listened to the stereo full blast until the wee hours of the morning, and threatened everyone. After I asked him to turn his music down or whatever, he decided to turn his "issues with women" onto me. He stole my laundry (Levis) and sold them, stole my mail and signed up for credit cards under my name, followed me around Capitol Hill screaming at me calling me b*tch, etc. He did everything to make my life miserable, put screws in my car tires, broke the antenna off my car, broke lights outside my apartment, threw baseballs against the wall all night just to aggrivate me, and tried to run me over with his truck. The list goes on and on. The police didn't do shit except piss him off more. The landlord was terrified of him. Tired of the threats, I finally unlisted my number, and moved away. It would have been immensely satisfying to get some of my 6'2" friends to break both of his legs in a dark ally- but unfortunately that's illegal.
  12. Beck- I know of a band that might be interested in playing at the megafest. Want me to ask them?
  13. hmmm... how about a venue change? Hattie's Hat just next door?
  14. Hey Caveman... which VW did you go to? What happened? Did she just have an attitude or something?
  15. ...and Skitty, and Jenny, and Megan...
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