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  1. Brand new with tags! This is Goretex Softshell which is completely waterproof windproof Goretex only a soft touch exterior. I received this as a gift and it is not the right size. Goretex Soft Shell interior fabric provides a lightly brushed fleece feel with a soft hand exterior. The jacket seals out wet weather with details like laminated powder skirts, powder cuffs and WaterTight zips. The Storm Hood is compatible with a helmet and hat. The Scorpion Jacket also comes with a Recco Reflector. The Recco system works on the frequency doubling principle. Via the hand-held scanning antenna a directional signal is sent out from the transmitter and reflected by the Recco reflector. With a Recco detector, the search action can be very quick, thanks to its directionality. Recco is a complement to other search methods used today, such as avalanche dogs, transceivers, and probes. Although you best be wearing an avalanche transceiver if ever out of bounds or skiing the sidecountry. The Scorpion Jacket was designed for the demands of skin tracks, steep trees and big bowls. Retail is $549. A great buy at $300 and Christmas is just around the corner. I have more photos if you would like to see them please email, or pm. Thanks!
  2. Seattle Pubclub

    I vote for Von Trapps, cheap to free parking depending on time. Fun atmosphere and bocce ball is a hoot.
  3. Found pack in Seattle with assorted climbing gear inside. It may have been missing for some time. Please describe what gear you had in it. Climbing hardware/harness/crampons was taped with a certain color pattern. Some gear may have been removed from the pack with only hardware left over. I know the owner would want it back, please check with your friends.
  4. I have some red Epic down booties worn on 3 trips. Simply too big. Like new, no tears, stains or smell. Asking $60. They retail for $89. I can email a photo if you like.
  5. Nice one Eric. Friends did that last year in similar conditions. I have to get that one done. Keep going!
  6. [TR] Mt. Goode - NE Buttress 8/16/2012

    Way to get after it Eric!! Let's get out soon. Logan is on my list, but most likely next year when I can ski it. Cheers my friend.
  7. They are size 8-10 unisex. I am a woman's 9. Which is like a mens 8. Hope this helps.
  8. Yes, the inner booty is purple. I love them too, just have to buy a small.
  9. [TR] Kulshan - Park & Coleman Headwalls 6/9/2011

    Nice work AGAIN Dan!!
  10. Longest Stay on the summit of Mt Baker.

    Glenn also has his photo cards at Feathered Friends. He is still around and I can give you his info if you would like. Send PM.
  11. Rockfest 2009: June 6th-7th!

    Anyone have room for two ladies from NY that are here in town wanting to go? They came into Feathered Friends today and I told them I would search around for them. They are willing to pay for gas and some beer/wine. Let me know if anyone out there heading over is willing to help them out. By the way, one is a cute Brazilian if that's is any persuasion.
  12. Volant parka mint condition, used twice. No rips, or stains, or odor. Size small, red Epic shell fabric. Retails for $289, letting it go for $200.
  13. Feathered Friends Volant Parka

    Added pictures.
  14. Good times indeed! Here is a link to Victors photos as well. http://picasaweb.google.com/victormesny/RedMountain#
  15. Way to get after it Ryan, I have been wanting to ski that same couloir for some time now. Congratulations on your whole trip and spending that time in solitude....not many folks are comfortable for that length of time.
  16. Accident in the Ruth Gorge

    A terrible loss, your in my prayers.

    What time? Will Kurt be attending? I'm game for some evening brews and story telling.
  18. I just don't get it, more often than not I see these robust woman cramming themselves into skin tight legings. Do they think it's attractive? With 50% of americans overweight and 25% obese, there isn't a day that passes where I'm not reminded how fortunate I am to have the drive to stay fit. Ever notice that really large woman like to drive small cars, especially those little 4x4 suzuki toys? Large men on the other hand don't seem to have this need to feel small. Just a thought, like strickland, I'm bored. But really, I have always wondered. I appoligize if I offend anyone or their mothers.
  19. Sale at Marmot store

    This whole posting about Marmot not taking things back even if its new, has tags on it, and having the Marmot receipt is totally incorrect. We do ask for original receipts to find out at what price it was purchased so we know how much to refund the customer, and to be sure it was not stolen from us. Even if the customer has lost their receipt, and they know about when it was purchased, we are able to run a report on all of the like items sold during that time period and find an invoice for each one sold. As noted by others in this thread who have successfully returned items, the initial poster is mistaken and if there is a problem is welcome to talk to the manager. Hundreds of people have returned or exchanged products at Marmot each year without a problem which has always been the policy.
  20. What do you think of this setup?

    Sounds like a great ski trip and tour, congrats! I did want to mention on your binding release issues, Marmot does not adjust the release settings. We back them off from the previous user, but by no means do we ever set the release. I would like to know who helped you or, if it was your request to set them. I am glad you were not injured on your fall from pre-release, that is just the reason we don't touch din settings, it's up to the customer.
  21. Pub Club 2/25

    So is Al's the final destination? I'll see if I can talk Rodeo into carpooling over....Kevin?
  22. Winter ski party

    I still think it would be great fun and hopefully great skiing too. I suppose later in March would allow folks time to plan it.
  23. I'm was out last week on an overnight ski trip enjoying freshies and I am looking to do it again this weekend. I would like to climb and ski and am thinking Mt. Baker Coleman/Deming or, Rainier Camp Hazard/Kautz. This maybe to early to tell if the weather will hold that long but thought I would throw out the idea, others are welcome!
  24. Pub Club 2/4

    Kurt, I was trying to be funny, it was a joke. I just thought the comment was funny about our group tipping so large.
  25. The Marshall Plan, Pub Club, And Crazyjz

    I think that was one of the larger Eastside meetings and it was a hoot. It was nice to meet some new folks and see the familiar faces from the past like Dwayner. Was I the only one suffering this morning, seemingly still intoxicated, at least that is how I felt until the afternoon....ouch! Good luck to Mtnrngr!