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Bad Dad!!!!!!!!


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Austrian Josef Fritzl, who kept his daughter in a cellar and fathered her seven children, has been convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment.

Fritzl, 73, was found guilty of all charges against him, including rape, incest, murder and enslavement.

He showed no obvious emotion at the verdict, telling the court that he accepted it and would not appeal.

The court ordered that Fritzl should serve his life sentence in a secure psychiatric facility.

The judge said he could speak to his lawyer but he shook his head. Then he was led out of court with an impassive face

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Hell he should have live in Tennesse or Kentucky where that shits legal!!:lmao:




In Sonoma we had the Perletti brothers. Vince and Victor. Identical twins, they looked like Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum in their matching overalls and crew cuts. Their voices were about two octaves above normal and their eyes, well, lets just say they didn't share the same compass direction.


Daddy died on summer. It was three days before a workman discovered his body, still reclining in his Barkalounger. Curious, because the Perletti boys lived with him.


When asked about it, Victor replied "We just thought he was asleep".

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